Mar 20, 2024

Three Injured in Texas Highway Crash

Three Injured in Texas Highway Crash

Three people were injured in a two-vehicle crash in Trenton, Texas, on Jan. 2, KXII reported. A tractor-trailer headed westbound on Highway 121 crashed into an SUV just after the intersection with Highway 69, Trenton Police reported. Surveillance footage from Chubb’s Liquor Store across the street from the accident shows the SUV slowing down to make a left turn into the store’s parking lot. The 18-wheeler, which was carrying sand, is then seen slamming into the back of the SUV before rolling several times. Two of the victims were taken to the hospital by helicopter, and the third was transported by ambulance. All of the wounded were listed in critical condition.

Both vehicles were heavily damaged in the crash, and the sand from the semi was dumped all over the road. Texas Department of Transportation crews worked for four hours to clear the road, closing both lanes of the highway. The security camera footage is being reviewed by law enforcement.

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