There is nothing to fear but fear itself.

Greetings clients, friends, followers, and newbies. I wanted to take a moment to discuss an important issue in the world of wage and hour law. I call it the “victim’s mentality.” We often speak with potential clients whose rights have been violated time and again by their employer. While most of these clients decide to protect their rights and pursue their wages from their employers, there is a large pocket of employees who, despite these violations, fear their employer- even when they no longer work there. I always say this to these clients- “picture yourself walking down the street and someone comes and steals hundreds or thousands of dollars out of your pocket. Are you going to chase them? (Most answer yes). Well then why don’t you chase them when the same robbers are wearing a suit and tie and work for a corporation?”

In many of our cases, clients find that there is strength in numbers. Therefore, a large percentage of our cases often have multiple people suing at the same time for the same issue which gives each client some “cover” if you will. Many times, these cases become class or collective actions and you become one of many participating members which hides you further.

Here is the point of all of this- It is very easy for me as the lawyer to say pursue your rights and protect yourself. I also understand the reality that taking on a former boss or employer in court is a scary concept. The bottom line here is that you have rights. You have to make a personal decision whether you are going to let an employer trample on them, or whether you are going to take a stand.

Stay informed, Talk to you soon.

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