Teen Killed in Shooting Outside Orlando Club


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A 17-year-old boy was shot in a fight Tuesday night outside the LUX Ultra Lounge on International Drive and South Kirkman Road in Orlando.

Authorities found the boy, Terron McCarty, in the International Shoppes plaza parking lot outside the club, along with almost 20 shell casings and bullets, according to WFTV. An investigation is ongoing.

Some have blamed Club LUX’s security for the shooting.

“They don’t have control,” nearby business owner Florence Silva told WFTV. “Nobody’s there controlling the crowd in the parking lot.”

LUX has had three shootings in the past two years, according to reports.

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Last night’s incident was not the first high-profile nightclub shooting to take place in Orlando in the past year. In June, Omar Mateen shot and killed 49 clubgoers and injured dozens more at Pulse, marking one of the worst mass shootings in American history. Mateen was killed in a shootout on the scene.

Recently, survivors of the shooting and family members of those killed filed a personal injury lawsuit against Mateen’s wife and his employer, alleging they were able to stop him before the attack took place. The lawsuit claims wrongful death, negligence, among other counts.

People Have a Right to Sue Over Security Issues

One type of personal injury lawsuit pertaining to shootings or other security issues, like the ones described above, is called negligent security.

Negligent security means a business fails to secure its premises for customers and patrons. A negligent security lawsuit is designed to help patrons or customers injured in public spaces or business places recover damages for their injuries. A negligent security case is generally leveled against the property or business owner rather than the attacker.

A big component of negligent security lawsuits is determining what a venue could reasonably expect to occur on their property. LUX could possibly expect a higher standard of violence based on its recent history of shootings and need to adjust accordingly. A knowledgeable attorney can help investigate the history of a venue and determine if an owner is liable for your injuries.

LUX’s reputation for safety is in question, but the nightclub can address its problems. “More extra duty officers. More video surveillance, magnetometers or anything or else,” Orlando police Chief John Mina told WFTV. “We’re going to make our recommendations to them.”