Mar 22, 2024

Six-Vehicle Crash in MN Leaves Woman With Critical Injuries

Three cars in Crash

A St. Paul woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries after a six-vehicle crash on Dec. 5 in Rosemount, Minnesota, the Pioneer Press reported. The accident occurred at around 7:30 a.m., according to the Minnesota State Patrol. Three cars were stopped on Minnesota 55 headed eastbound behind a tractor-trailer attempting to make a left turn onto Doyle Path. The cars were rear-ended by a dump truck, which fishtailed into the westbound lane, causing a motorist driving a Dodge Ram pickup truck to swerve to avoid a crash. The dump truck crashed into the side of the semi truck and drove into a ditch.

Deanna Rene Anderson, 31, was stopped immediately behind the semi truck in an Infiniti G35 sedan when the accident happened. She was rushed to Regions Hospital in St. Paul with critical injuries. None of the other drivers or their passengers were injured in the crash, the Minnesota State Patrol said. Pioneer Press reported that this same intersection was the scene of a similar crash in which two people were killed when their car was sandwiched between a stopped semi truck and a dump truck that failed to stop.

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