Rep. Heather Fitzenhagen Joins Morgan & Morgan

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State Representative Heather Fitzenhagen (R-Fort Myers) has joined Morgan & Morgan, becoming one of the newest attorneys to work in the firm’s Fort Myers and Naples offices.

“It’s a growing firm with a statewide presence, and they share my enthusiasm for community involvement and marketing,” Fitzenhagen told News-Press last week. “They do much more than most people realize, and John Morgan has show he’s a great businessman.”

Two years ago, Fitzenhagen was elected to the State House District 78, which encompasses Fort Myers and parts of south Lee County. In November, she faces only a write-in opponent in seeking reelection.

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Though it’s well-documented that her new boss is a big Democratic supporter, Fitzenhagen says political views have no place in an office environment, and that she “wouldn’t have taken the job if it were otherwise.”

Morgan agrees, adding that he sometimes doesn’t see eye-to-eye, politically speaking, with another important head of the firm, whose last name also happens to be Morgan.  

“My wife—who’s also my business partner—is a staunch Republican. I don’t expect her to support all my political choices, and I certainly do not expect it from anyone in my law firm,” Morgan said. “We’re a bipartisan, ecumenical business . . . I think the best stew has a lot of different vegetables in it.”

“She’s committed to the civil justice system. She knows you can be pro-business and still believe no business is entitled to total immunity," Morgan added about Fitzenhagen. "She’s from that area, she knows the community, and she’s well-known in the community.”

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