Feb 20, 2024

Polaris Recalls RZR XP Turbo and RZR Turbo S ATVs Due to Fire and Injury Hazards

Polaris Recalls RZR XP Turbo and RZR Turbo S ATVs Due to Fire and Injury Hazards - atv

What: The 2021 RZR XP Turbo and RZR Turbo S Recreational Off-Road Vehicles.

Who: Polaris Industries Inc., of Medina, Minnesota.

Why: The 2021 RZR XP Turbo and RZR Turbo S Recreational Off-Road Vehicles are recalled due to issues with the clutch, which can fracture, causing fragments to be ejected from the vehicle, posing fire and injury hazards.

When: The recall was announced on August 10th, 2023.

Where: This recall takes place in the United States; however, some recalled units were also sold in Canada. 

How customers identify the recalled product: Polaris customers can enter their ATVs vehicle identification number, located on the vehicle's frame in the left rear wheel well, on the Polaris recall website to see if their vehicle is one of the affected products.


On August 10th, 2023, Polaris Industries Inc.(Polaris) announced a recall for two of their 2021 all-terrain vehicles after receiving multiple reports of fire and other injury hazards. The recall released on the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) site noted that the firm had received 206 reports of clutch failures, including reports of six fires, two injuries, and one vehicle tip-over, quickly promoting the company to pull the product off the market, and warn others of the dangers the vehicles posed when in use. 

The recall involves all model year 2021 RZR XP Turbo and RZR Turbo S vehicles and roughly affects 27,300 units in the United States. In addition to the nearly 28k units in the United States, about 660 were sold in Canada. The ATVs were manufactured in Mexico, imported by Polaris Industries Inc., of Medina, Minnesota, and sold at Polaris dealers nationwide from December 2019 through September 2022, pricing between $21,000 and $32,000. 


Polaris Customers Can Identify if Their ATVs Are Affected by the Recall

As mentioned, this recall involves all model year 2021 RZR XP Turbo and RZR Turbo S vehicles. The off-roading vehicles were designed and sold in two and four-seat configurations and came in the colors black, blue, gray, lime, orange, and sand. Stamped on the vehicle's front grille is the POLARIS logo, and printed on the sides of the vehicle is the POLARIS logo, as well as the RZR lettering. The model name is also printed on the side of the chassis. Owners of the recalled ATVs can identify if their car is involved in the recall based on the vehicle identification number or VIN, which is located on the vehicle's frame in the left rear wheel well.

Consumers who discover their ATV is affected by the recall should immediately stop using the recalled vehicles and contact Polaris or an authorized Polaris dealer to schedule a free repair. Once scheduled, your dealer will inspect the vehicle and replace the primary (drive) clutch free of charge. Polaris has already begun to notify their consumers to stop riding the vehicles and is notifying all dealers and registered owners directly, providing more details about the needed repair.

If you are still unsure if your Polaris ATV has been affected by the recall or have questions on how you can register for the free repair, customers can contact Polaris at 800-765-2747 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. CT Monday through Friday. Customers can also go online at www.polaris.com and click on "Off Road Recalls" at the bottom of the webpage or head to www.polaris.com/en-us/off-road-recalls/ to check if their vehicle identification number is involved in any recalls. This recall is listed under the CPSC under the number: 23-780.


Multiple Polaris ATVs Recalled in the Past

This is not the first time, nor the second time the Polaris off-roading vehicles have had recalls issued. November 19th, 2020, the Model Years 2020-2021 RZR PRO XP, PRO XP4, and Model Year 2021 RZR Turbo S, Turbo S4, XP Turbo, and XP 4 Turbo ROV were recalled due to similar issues with the vehicle's clutch failing, posing an injury hazard. Roughly 18,400 units were affected in the United States and an additional 560 units in Canada. Customers were offered a free inspection and repair.

Then again, on December 23rd, 2021, Polaris recalled their RZR and GENERAL Recreational Off-Road Vehicles due to issues with the steering wheel separating, resulting in drivers losing control of the vehicle, posing a crash hazard. About 8,800 units were sold in the United States, and about 940 were sold in Canada. Customers whose vehicles were affected by the recall were eligible to schedule a free repair, including the installation of a new steering wheel.


Polaris Customers Should Contact an Attorney

Polaris customers who have suffered injuries due to the recalled ATVs may be eligible to recover financial compensation. For over 35 years, our law firm has helped victims get the justice they deserve after they've suffered an injury due to a faulty or poorly designed product marketed as safe for use. With over $15 billion back for our clients, we want to help you too. Don't wait to contact our law firm. For more information behind the Polaris recall or if you have been injured due to the 2021 RZR XP Turbo or the RZR Turbo S Recreational Off-Road vehicles, contact a Morgan & Morgan attorney today by completing our free, no-obligation case evaluation form.