Mar 18, 2024

One Daytona Improves Tourism Draw, Promises Jobs

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GameTime is coming to the One Daytona entertainment complex, bringing with it a whole lot of fun, and some much-needed jobs.

The International Speedway Corporation, the race track maintenance company that works with NASCAR, is developing almost 200 acres of land opposite the Daytona International Speedway for commercial, residential, and industrial space.

Tenants like GameTime are “reflective of our commitment to bring new and exciting tenants to One Daytona and Daytona Beach,” according to an ISC vice president’s comments to the Daytona News-Journal.

Not only will GameTime bring a variety of entertainment and food service jobs, the complex promises an enormous new market for living, working, and enjoying your time. Here are some of its specifics, and what you can expect working there.

The Jobs Have Potential for Residents, and the Community

ISC’s partnership with the city stretches back more than a decade according to the News-Journal, when the organization first started purchasing and trying to get permits for the land across from the Speedway. Now, work is finally underway and some of the entertainment areas, like GameTime, are expected to open up within the next year.

This could provide a boost to Daytona Beach, which has one of the highest unemployment rates in Florida, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. One Daytona’s ambitious plans could help scale back those levels by providing several different types of jobs for companies new to Daytona Beach.

GameTime is just one of One Daytona’s new, more interesting draws. One Daytona’s other exciting tenants include a Bass Pro Shop, a Cobb Theatre, hotels, and several apparel stores new to the market, according to a press release from May. These companies are going to need workers familiar with hospitality, retail, restaurant work, and even more to meet the growing demand of Daytona’s tourists.

The area fits well with Daytona’s unique mixture of commercial development and outdoor beauty, and is sure to draw more people to the city for both work and pleasure.

A History of Al Fresco Entertainment

From the hard-packed sand beaches to the colorful boardwalk, the great outdoors have long been one of Daytona Beach’s biggest draw. However, the vibrant racing scene at the Daytona International Speedway is historically a component of the city’s success.

The addition of One Daytona could transform the city into an even more authentic tourist destination you can work at and enjoy on your own time. It tries to “create a singular and distinctive place for all of Greater Daytona Beach to live, work and play,” according to the development’s website.

The Speedway stays busy all year round, hosting a variety of motorsport events, from karting to supercar racing. But its fame comes from the Daytona 500 of course, which is when much of One Daytona’s businesses will likely see some big numbers. January’s events and February’s Speedweeks could potentially draw huge crowds when the Speedway hosts a variety of events.

One Daytona’s hotels ten minutes from the beach are sure to boost many other aspects of the city’s economy through tourism, and the complex will be a big draw itself.

A Match Made in Heaven

One Daytona is projected to have a great effect on the community. It will provide a range of new jobs, and the sprawling complex perfectly toes the line between the rich outdoors of Daytona Beach and the evolving business and entertainment needs of the city.

Some of One Daytona’s amenities won’t open for a year or more, but some like the Cobb Theatre can be expected in the next week, according to the News-Journal, and will be looking to meet demand.

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