NJ Transit Train Crashes in Hoboken in Fatal Accident


A New Jersey Transit commuter train crashed into Hoboken Terminal around 8:45 on the morning of Sept. 29, injuring an estimated 100 people and resulting in at least one confirmed death, according to The New York Times at the time of this posting. Nearby hospitals, including Jersey City Medical Center, Christ Hospital in Jersey City, and Hoboken University Medical Center, have admitted dozens of people, with injuries ranging from minor to critical, as a result of the train crash.

The train involved in the crash was No. 1615, traveling from Spring Valley to Hoboken. The train was reported to have entered the station at a high speed before derailing and crashing into the terminal. Hoboken Terminal sustained major damage as a result of the train crash and there are structural concerns regarding the station.

“There were wires down, water pouring from the ceiling, the roof had collapsed, and there was people climbing out of windows of the train,” explained Ben Fairclough, who was transferring at the station at the time of the crash, to The New York Times.

Passengers of the train and others in the station at the time of crash have shared photos and videos of the crash on social media, which show the devastation of Hoboken Station, the aftermath of the derailment, and injured passengers being treated by first responders.

Hoboken Terminal is among the busiest stations in New Jersey, and acts as a major transportation hub for commuters traveling to and from Manhattan. Rail service is currently suspended into and out of the station, but local buses and ferries are cross-honored New Jersey Transit train tickets after the accident.

Although the cause of the crash is currently unknown, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie told CNN and MSNBC that there is “no indication that the crash was anything but an accident.” Investigators from the Federal Railroad Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board are currently on site and gathering information about the nature of the crash, based on a report by National Public Radio.

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