Jan 4, 2024

Morgan & Morgan Recognized for Handling More Employment Cases Than Any Other Firm


Morgan & Morgan’s labor & employment group has been recognized for handling the most labor and employment cases among plaintiffs' firms over the past five years, showing our profound dedication to helping workers seek justice after suffering wage theft, discrimination, retaliation, harassment, and other illegal treatment at the hands of their employers.

“On the plaintiffs side, Morgan & Morgan PA leads the pack, handling almost twice as many suits as its peers over the past five years,” the Law360 article says.

Among plaintiffs’ firms, Morgan & Morgan handled 1,833 cases between January 2013 and December 2017 — way ahead of the other firms in the Top 5 rankings, according to legal publication Law360, which published a report by legal analytics firm Lex Machina. Every single one of those 1,833 cases we did on contingency: those clients won't, or didn't, pay a penny unless we won for them.

In our 30th year, we use our resources as a firm with 40 offices in more than a dozen states to help workers nationwide who are vulnerable to mistreatment in the workplace — at a time when workers’ rights are increasingly under fire. Our more than 1,000 attorneys and 4,000 support staff members work tirelessly to advocate for the people, not the powerful.

"On the plaintiffs side, Morgan & Morgan PA leads the pack..."

If your employer hasn’t paid you for the overtime you’re owed, or if you’re being sexually harassed or discriminated against because of your race, our firm is here to help you. If your employer has retaliated against you for speaking out about your mistreatment or legal use of benefits like the Family and Medical Leave Act — if you’ve been humiliated, demoted, or even fired — our team is ready to fight for your chance at justice.

And when we say we’ll fight, we mean it. If you’re not getting the deal we know you can get, we’ll take your case all the way to the courtroom. Our renowned trial attorneys have decades of experience turning questionable settlement offers into much larger verdicts for our clients.

One example from recent months: A client in Tennessee filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination and a demotion intended to get the client to quit, to which the defendant offered $45,000 to settle. However, that was clearly not enough compensation to make up for the impact that the bias and unjustified demotion had on the client’s life. So, our attorneys went before a jury, which ultimately awarded our client $519,000. We will fight for everyone, everywhere.