Apr 3, 2024

The Morgan & Morgan Advantage: We Fight for More

The Morgan & Morgan Advantage: We Fight for More

How do you put a price on a limb? How much does a client deserve after an amputation? How about chronic pain, trauma or a disability? How much would cover multiple surgeries and countless hospital stays? Would you give up an arm for $1 million? $10 million?

What’s the cost of missing out on bike rides with the grandkids?

The ability to raise your child?

The retirement trip to Hawaii?

The basketball career?

These are the questions we grapple with every day. These are questions with no answers. Our health and peace of mind are priceless. A lifetime is a very long time.

While insurance corporations attempt to minimize client pain and suffering, we feel every moment of it. We’ve lived it. We know.

That’s why we spent 35 years building a firm equipped to take on America’s biggest companies. We will fight until every client gets what they need to live as fully as possible. It’s the least we can do.

Hire an Army

Insurance companies employ legions of adjusters and attorneys for the sole purpose of paying out the minimum claim amount possible. At Morgan & Morgan, we scaled up to become the largest injury firm in the country so that the average American has an army backing them, too.

Our size gives us a clear advantage: we have the resources to go to trial, hire the leading medical and forensic experts, and fight to get our clients the full compensation they deserve. 

Knowledge is Value

Each of our 1,000+ attorneys tap into a cache of institutional resources that are available as a result of our size and longevity. With data accrued from hundreds of thousands of cases, thousands of similar trials to reference, a wide network of experts, and the experience of senior trial attorneys, we’ve learned what works.    

We rely on years of precedent to perfect every process. Our support staff and attorneys have access to a winning playbook at every step of a case. From intake to resolution, we use every tool in our kit to set up our cases for success and maximize recoveries for the client.

Trial Attorney Group

Morgan & Morgan is home to some of the top trial attorneys in America, many of whom regularly obtain multi-million dollar verdicts. Every case that goes to trial is co-chaired by a senior trial lawyer to fight for maximum recovery and the best possible outcome.

Trial Ready and the Verdicts to Show for It

Over the years, our team has built a reputation for fighting back and never settling for less than what our clients deserve. We don’t hesitate to go to trial, if that’s what it takes. Every verdict won sets two precedents. The first is the benchmark for what jurors think an injury is worth. The second is our willingness to take every case to trial. Insurance companies know who we are, they know the recoveries we fight for, and they know that our attorneys will never settle for less than what’s right.

Institutional Knowledge of Defendants

Our attorneys have won countless cases against big-name insurance companies and corporate defendants, making them well-versed in the tactics used to avoid paying out fair compensation. Many of our attorneys were formerly on the defense side of the same field, allowing us to evaluate cases from both the plaintiff and defense perspectives. This broad-spectrum view is an essential factor in our success. 

Laser Focus

At Morgan & Morgan, we place a premium on expertise. For each of our fifty practice areas, we have teams of attorneys that are proficient in each of the select litigation types. We use this deep focus to ensure that our clients get the care they need.