Mar 8, 2024

Medical Marijuana News: 200,000 Collected Petitions and Counting

Medical Marijuana News: 200,000 Collected Petitions and Counting - Petition Signing

In a letter published on the organization’s website last week, United For Care campaign manager Ben Pollara had some good news to share with supporters of the drive to legalize medical marijuana in Florida.

“We have now collected over 200,000 petitions,” Pollara said. “This, combined with yesterday’s news about upcoming oral arguments at the Florida Supreme Court, means we’re closer than ever to finally getting medical marijuana approved in Florida.”

Though there is still a long road ahead, United For Care organizers last week expressed confidence that the large number of remaining verified petitions needed to land the initiative on Florida’s 2014 general election ballot is certainly surmountable.

“It’s a big number we have to get between now and the beginning of the year, but we’re confident we can do it,” Pollara told U.S. News{:target="_blank"} last week.

With roughly a year until the 2014 general election, the official proposal to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is in the hands of Florida legislators for a review of the initiative’s language and constitutionality. In the letter, Pollara noted that written filings by lawmakers in support of or against the initiative are due in the coming days, and oral arguments are set to begin in six weeks.

According to Pollara, People United for Medical Marijuana (PUFMM) is simply trying to accomplish what state lawmakers say they want for the people of Florida.

“We are trying to do what legislators should have done: Allow people access to the care they need,” Pollara said. “Simply put, costs are mounting as some in power are doing everything they can to oppose us—and the will of 70 percent of Floridians.”

In United For Care’s statement last week, Pollara credited firm namesakeJohn Morgan’s substantial financial contributions as a big reason why the group’s signature gathering has picked up steam. To date, Morgan has reportedly personally financed roughly 75 percent of United For Care’s total funding, with much of the money dedicated to compensating the hundreds—and on some days thousands—of signature collectors pounding the pavement throughout Florida.