Mar 27, 2024

Man Dies from Hangar Collapse at Atlanta Airport

Man Dies from Hangar Collapse at Atlanta Airport - Construction Accident

One construction worker has died as a result of the collapse of a hangar under construction at Paulding Northwest Atlanta Airport. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 30-year-old Christopher Mathis of Valdosta was the victim of the horrific accident that occurred at noon on Wednesday, February 22.

Another victim, who has not yet been named, was taken to the hospital but released the same day. Investigations are being carried out by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), ANS Steel, insurance companies, and other agencies to determine the cause of the accident.

The man with minor injuries was brought to WellStar Paulding Hospital in Dallas, while the worker with serious injuries was brought to WellStar Kennestone Hospital in Marietta before his death. According to officials, eight to ten construction workers were working on the new 30,000 square foot corporate hangar when it collapsed almost entirely to the ground. They had reportedly erected about a third of the steel and were putting in support bracing when it collapsed. The Paulding Airport is located about 30 miles northwest of Atlanta, near Dallas, and opened in 2008.

It is believed that strong winds were the cause of the accident, but this has yet to be confirmed by any agency. As a wall collapse was the original trigger, it is also possible that safety precautions were not taken to ensure that the walls would stay erect during further construction. The site has also been in the news for previous problems with concrete slabs and steel.The OSHA said that "The site is being thoroughly investigated, and all of our goals are to determine the cause of the collapse and hopefully to take measures so that an incident like this doesn't happen again, either in Paulding County or anywhere else."

Due to the use of hazardous materials, large machinery, and the nature of the construction industry, construction sites are inherently dangerous for crews, bystanders, and rescuers. Construction accidents can be extremely serious, leading to debilitating injuries, long-term health problems, and even death. Legal recourse may be available, however, to employees or bystanders who were injured as the result of a negligent contractor, building owner or other party.

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