Mar 12, 2024

Man and Son Keep Only Their Lives in Michigan Explosion

House rubble on fire

A man and his son were badly burned in an explosion that leveled their house in Egleston, Michigan, on Nov. 19, WZZM 13 reported. Brandon Stock, 43, and his son Riley, 17, were in the basement starting the dryer when the blast occurred. A relative, Marvin Hill, Brandon’s father-in-law, felt the explosion in his home, which is adjacent to the Stocks’. Hill braved the flames and used a piece of debris to pry a small hole into the basement to allow Riley and Brandon to crawl out.

WNEM reported that a crew of construction workers down the street saw the explosion and left their job site to assist in the rescue. They arrived after Riley had been extricated from the wreckage. They were later joined by firefighters, who fought the blaze for hours. Investigators were sifting through the rubble to find the cause of the explosion. One plausible explanation relates to a propane tank that was filled in the Stocks’ home just minutes before the building ignited.

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