Apr 2, 2024

Latest Polls Show 82% Support Medical Marijuana in Florida

Latest Polls Show 82% Support Medical Marijuana in Florida - Pro Medical Marijuana Rally

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released last week, 82 percent of Florida voters say they support the initiative to legalize medical marijuana in the state, with many (48 percent) saying they would favor the outright legalization of the plant as well. If the initiative is approved by the required 60 percent of Florida voters, it would add an amendment to the state’s constitution making it legal for doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to seriously ill patients.

The results of the poll show a significant jump from the 70 percent who said earlier in 2013 that they favor United For Care’s campaign objectives. Even with a slight change in the polling question’s language, which this time asked voters if they think doctors should be able to “prescribe” medical marijuana, not just “recommend” it, support for the cause in Florida is becoming harder and harder to ignore.

“This poll shows yet again that Floridians overwhelmingly support a compassionate medical marijuana policy in Florida, despite the continued opposition of out-of-touch, Tallahassee politicians like Pam Bondi,” United For Care campaign manager Ben Pollara told the Miami Herald{:target="_blank"}.

According to Pollara, United For Care is well on its way to collecting the 683,149 signatures needed to place the vote to legalize medical marijuana on Florida’s general election ballot in November 2014. So far, according to Pollara, the group has collected more than 200,000 signatures, thanks in part to substantial financial support from attorney John Morgan.

In addition to collecting the required amount of signatures, another obstacle the proposed amendment faces is a review by the Florida Supreme Court, which is scheduled to hear both sides of the issue on December 5.