Jan 20, 2020

Latest Polls Show 60 Percent Support Medical Marijuana in Florida

The latest polling numbers in Florida indicate that 62 percent of voters support the legalization of medical marijuana for use by seriously ill patients in the Sunshine State.

Conducted by Public Policy Polling (PPP) between September 27 and 29, the poll found that independent voters “overwhelmingly” support the legalization of medical marijuana, with 74 percent saying they would not oppose voting for an amendment to Florida’s constitution in November 2014.

Additionally, as detailed online by Sunshine State News{:target="_blank"}, 68 percent of voters who classify themselves as Democrats also said they were in support of medical marijuana. Although support among Florida’s Republican voters wasn’t as strong, the report concluded, 46 percent said are in favor of legalizing marijuana for medical use.

Led by attorney John Morgan, United For Care’s [People United for Medical Marijuana PUFMM campaign has been steadily gaining ground and support among voters since its petition was made available in early 2013. Sixty percent of Florida voters must sign off on the medical marijuana initiative for an amendment to be added to the state’s constitution that would legalize the plant as a treatment option for patients with serious and potentially fatal diseases.