Mar 7, 2024

John Morgan Shares Secrets to Success in Second Book

John Morgan Shares Secrets to Success in Second Book - Highway

What does Pluto, the lovable canine character created by Walt Disney, have in common with our personal injury law firm?

In his exciting new book entitled You Can't Teach Vision, attorney John Morgan reveals how his youthful tenure as a Disney World employee, more specifically as the body inside of the Pluto costume, inspired him to embark on a life of goodwill and serial entrepreneurial pursuits.

A tragic accident that left his brother a quadriplegic was John’s catalyst for attending law school at the University of Florida. After graduating in 1982, he went on to become a trial lawyer, and has remained so for the tenure of his career. John later went on to found Morgan & Morgan, which eventually became the chain of successful law firms across the country that it is today.

From Disney World, John learned how to create a welcoming company culture that makes employees feel inclusive of the greater organization (hint: part of it is having everyone call him by his first name). In You Can’t Teach Vision, he relays anecdotal lessons on what employers can do personally and financially in order to attract, retain, and grow a loyal workforce across an array of sectors.

While his book is primarily aimed at practicing attorneys, You Can’t Teach Vision is a captivating read for anyone interested in building a stable business upon a personal philosophy that’s in the interest of public good. For John, that meant turning his ideology into the firm’s mission statement: for the people.

You Can’t Teach Hungry, Morgan’s first book published in 2011, was featured in the top 200 Law Books on Amazon. It was critically acclaimed for offering advice for law practitioners on the nuances of building a successful law practice from the ground up.

Morgan is the recipient of the Martindale-Hubbell AV rating, the apex of peer reviewed ratings for practicing attorneys.

You Can’t Teach Vision is currently ranked #1 on the Trial Guides website.