Mar 18, 2024

Insurance Companies Wrongfully Deny Homeowners Insurance Claims From Quarry Blasting Damage

Man's hand finger pointing to cracked corner wall in house. Building problems and solutions concept.

Felt a rumble in your home? Started to notice small cracks in your walls? You aren’t alone. Many South Florida residents are suffering from the strong blasts at nearby quarries.

South Florida is a quarry haven, with quarries in Miami like White Rock and the Atlantic Civil/SDI Quarry. But the problem with these quarries is the damage they’re doing to people’s homes, cracks in walls, foundations, roofs and more in communities, including Florida City, Naranja, Palm Springs, Miami Lakes, Miami Gardens, Redland, Miami, Princeton, Homestead, University Park, Fontainebleau, Westchester, Olympia, Sunset, Hialeah, Hialeah Gardens, Miramar, Pembroke Pines, Kendall, Kendall West, Kendall Lakes, Doral, Country Walk, and Westwood Lakes.

Having your precious home damaged is an upsetting and expensive situation to be in. Many homeowners located in communities across South Florida are having their homes damaged right in front of their eyes, with their insurance providers breaking their trust by refusing policy claims or citing exclusions in their policy.

If your home is one of those unfortunately impacted and continuing to be impacted, it’s not your responsibility to pay for the damages suffered. That’s why we want you to be aware that the Florida building code changed in 2017, stating that insurance companies must not deny quarry blasting damage claims, and our attorneys can assist in ensuring you are heard and compensated.

Morgan & Morgan’s White Rock Quarries Success

Over the last 18 months, our team has worked considerably hard to reverse the effects of these quarry blasts, helping clients obtain the compensation they rightfully deserve.

One of our most recent successes led to a client being awarded $62,022 after their insurance company denied compensation.

The property in question was built in 2000, just short of 1.5 miles from the White Rock quarries.

Since the day that the client’s property was built, it had experienced the harsh blasts from the quarry explosions, and this meant certain features were severely impaired over the years. The property owner explained the severe effects of the blasts caused the walls and floors to tremble and precious family pictures to rattle.

In 2015 the homeowners saw the first sign of cracks, and over the years, they got increasingly worse. Some of the damage included floor tiles cracking, a crack in the stairs, exterior wall cracks and cracks in the popcorn ceiling.

The insurance company claimed they would not offer compensation for a policy claim for two reasons.

1. The mines were too far away to cause damage; and

2. Cracking was due to normal settlement, wear and tear and deterioration, thermal expansion and contraction.

The insurance company, in this case, hired two engineers to try to convince hours of their claimed causes of loss and to persuade the jury that the losses were completely excluded.

The case concluded with the jury being in favor of the homeowners, rejecting the insurance company’s refusal and as a result, the homeowners were awarded $62,022.

Like with our successful White Rock policy claim case, our attorneys have a successful track record litigating and securing compensation for you. We won’t let your insurance company cheat you out of money and get away with it. No matter the complexity of your situation, we have the knowledge and experience to lend a helping hand.

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