Sep 15, 2023

Insufficient Cybersecurity to Blame for MGM and Caesars Cyberattack

Insufficient Cybersecurity to Blame for MGM and Caesars Cyberattack - casino

Following a cyberattack that may have compromised the personal information of customers, two casino and hotel resorts are dealing with the aftermath of a data breach while attempting to dodge the blame for their lax cybersecurity.

According to a recent report, hackers stole Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers from a “significant number” of loyalty program customers of Caesars Entertainment.

Days later, MGM Resorts announced its own apparent cyberattack, which the company has repeatedly downplayed as a “cybersecurity issue” in describing the disruption to some of its computer systems. Still, according to CNN, the incident has the hallmarks of a cyberattack.

While MGM is currently claiming that their resort and casino experiences remain the same, guests are begging to differ, as reports have been made about hotel guests being unable to make room charges and access their rooms with their digital keys. As for the casino, slot machines and phone lines continue to be down.

These hacks have put a spotlight on the insufficient cybersecurity of the multibillion-dollar casino and hospitality business in Las Vegas, which are ripe targets for cybercriminals to extort. 

These casino giants were already aware of their security’s vulnerability, though they remained unprepared for further attacks. MGM experienced a cyberattack just four years ago. The personal information of 142 million guests was stolen by hackers and posted to a dark web cybercrime marketplace, according to ZDNET. Most of the data stolen consisted of personal contact information and sensitive, private data.

If you believe that your private information may have been compromised in any of the casino resort cyberattacks, don’t wait to take action. Change your passwords and review your accounts for suspicious activity. If you discover that you were a victim of the data breach, contact Morgan & Morgan immediately. We can offer you a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more about your legal options and how you can hold negligent companies accountable for your damages.