Apr 2, 2024

Hurricane Dorian Headed for Florida

Hurricane Dorian Headed for Florida - the eye of the storm

Florida is bracing for a potentially devastating Category 3 storm on Labor Day as Hurricane Dorian strengthens in the Caribbean. The storm made landfall on the U.S. Virgin Islands on Wednesday as a Category 1, causing flooding and power outages but no major damage. Puerto Rico, still reeling from Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the island two years ago, was spared from the brunt of the latest cyclone when it changed direction. Now an emboldened Dorian is heading directly to Florida’s Atlantic coastline and is expected to hit late Sunday or early Monday.

The National Hurricane Center warned that “life-threatening flash floods” could be possible, CBS News reported. “With a new supermoon and the angle the storm is approaching from, widespread coastal flooding, including severe coastal flooding, is likely,” CBS News weather producer David Parkinson said. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis declared a state of emergency Wednesday ahead of the squall. Meanwhile, state residents have been urged to amass seven days’ worth of supplies.

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The landfall of this hurricane in particular has been hard to predict because it’s been steered by a series of thunderstorms that have pulled it eastward. That was good news for Puerto Rico but could mean a strengthened storm could hit anywhere from Palm Beach, Florida, to Savannah, Georgia — a large swath of the Southeast coastline that needs to take cover.

Hurricanes in recent years have become much wetter and intense due to climate change, according to CNN. Category 3 hurricanes bring maximum winds of between 110 and 129 mph, which means potentially widespread destruction. Your property, possessions and well-being are on the line. Insurance companies vow to reimburse you when the winds die down, but they often balk when it comes time to pay up. Morgan & Morgan will stand in your corner if this happens to you. If you need help, contact us for a free case evaluation.

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