Mar 18, 2024

Do Car Insurance Providers Always Have My Best Interest?

Car Insurance Contract Image

You pay for an insurance policy for a reason — to act as a financial safety net in the event of an accident. If the day comes that you need to file a claim for benefits from said policy, you’d expect your insurance provider to act in good faith and honor your contractual agreement. In most cases, you’d have your expectations met and can walk away fully compensated, but there are other situations where providers deny or diminish a client’s rightful benefits.


This can be your insurance provider or the at-fault party’s coverage. Whether malicious or an honest mistake, the end result remains the same. Overturning a wrongfully diminished or denied claim isn’t an easy road, either. 


You’ll need evidence, negotiation skills, and the ability to navigate the legal process with accuracy and efficiency to give yourself the best possible odds. All of this becomes much more digestible with the help of a legal expert, who can guide you through the process using their experience and knowledge of your specific situation.


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How Do I Know if I’m Recovering Rightful Value?


You might have a general idea of your compensation based on your contract and other factors, but it’s difficult to guess what you’ll receive until you’ve received it. Once you do, you’ll need to cross-examine their findings with your policy limits and the laws that protect you to better understand how much you’re entitled to.


Even then, it’s still challenging. Many insurance providers won’t use the same damage calculators as others, so the payout you receive can vary depending on the company behind your policy.


Here are a few factors to keep in mind when pre-evaluating your insurance claim value:


  • Coverages you elected
  • Severity of the damage you sustained
  • Degree of fault
  • The legal, state, and federal laws concerning your accident type 
  • The value of your pre-damaged property
  • The cost of any services needed post-accident
  • Available evidence


There are many other things that sway your insurance claim. Still, if you think there’s been an error, you should speak out and understand more about their findings. A personal injury attorney can help you understand your legal options, advocate for rightful value, and ensure your best interest is kept at the forefront throughout the process.


Understanding Low Ball Offers


In a successful claim, each type of damage incurred must translate to a monetary amount awarded to the victim. Property damage and other tangible damages are somewhat straightforward, with each cost incurred added together, but nontangible damages, like the extent of physical pain, often become the center of the debate.


Some lowball offers may seem like rightful value until under a microscope, others might blatantly contain errors that simply shouldn’t be included. Pushing back against a lowball offer can go your way immediately or lead to another roadblock, which is why having an attorney by your side from the beginning of the process is such a powerful step.


Providers may claim you aren’t covered because of surprise exceptions, legal loopholes, or that a pre-existing condition is causing the pain for which you’re filing a claim. With the help of an attorney, you can identify these tactics promptly and put yourself in the best position to respond.


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