Why is Boating So Appealing?


Boating might be Fort Lauderdale’s greatest pastime, and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. The city’s annual boat show posted excellent results, and you might be wondering why so many people are getting in on the fun.

The biggest Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show in history ended Nov. 7, and the event was a huge success. The show recorded high attendance, sales, and involvement, with many businesses posting record numbers, according to Trade Only Today, a professional boating news outlet.

The show’s big boats were the greatest attraction, and the CEO managing the event told Trade Only Today that “people were out looking for that new boat to buy.” The uptick could mean more — and possibly new — people are interested in owning a boat, and that pace might only increase as it grows more common.

Here are some reasons Fort Lauderdale’s always-popular boating scene might be swelling. With your biggest buy out of the way, the city has much to offer.

Fun on the High Seas

The water plays host to endless fun, and you might need a boat to reach some of that excitement. Activities like fishing or traveling can take you into deep waters.

Fishing is a particularly interesting hobby for the area. Sport fish like swordfish, sailfish, and more are abundant in Fort Lauderdale and the surrounding Atlantic, according to New Lattitude Sportfishing.

Travel is another big draw. Fort Lauderdale has easy access to Miami and several other cities on Florida’s coast, but the most interesting option is the Bahamas. Freeport, on Grand Bahama, is just over 75 miles away, and can be reached in a few hours with the right boat and preparation.

But you don’t have to go far for a good time. You can stay close to the shore and use your boat to water ski, race, or participate in other exhilarating activities. Or, you can anchor near one of Fort Lauderdale’s sandbars and soak up some sun before pulling into a restaurant slip and having a quiet dinner with your crewmates. The possibilities are endless.

And the water has its own appeal. Roughly 40 percent of Americans lived on the coast in 2010, which makes up only ten percent of the country’s land, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The prospect of traveling at will likely plays a part in the coast’s appeal, and owning a boat can make that freedom a reality.

Always Be on the Lookout

Boating is fun, relaxing, and appealing. But it can also be dangerous. Getting stranded on the water could land you in serious trouble. Proper fitting life jackets, the right training, and abstaining from alcohol are key factors to your safety on the high seas, according to the CDC. Even then, you might find yourself in dire straits.

Boat accidents come in many forms, and with more people on the water, traffic could be worse than ever. You might find yourself on a boat with a reckless navigator, or in an overcrowded vessel. Operators can put their passengers and fellow drivers in danger in many ways. Our boat accident attorneys can help you navigate the complex channels of insurance and get you back out on the water. Fill out our free case evaluation form if you’re ready today.