Mar 18, 2024

Bars May Be Liable For Actions of Drunk Patrons: Florida Dram Shop Act

Alcohol Image

Florida, like most states, has what's known as a "Dram Shop" Act. What these statutes do, essentially, is provide a way to sue an establishment that serves alcoholic beverages when a patron becomes intoxicated and injures or kills him- or herself or someone else.

In Florida, only minors or persons "habitually addicted to alcohol" can bring such a claim. The law is very specific on when a Dram Shop claim can be brought by or on behalf of a minor or habitual drinker. Many people are unaware there may be a claim against a bar, store or restaurant under certain circumstances, making it especially important to seek legal advice when injuries or death are caused by a minor or habitual drinker who becomes intoxicated and causes an accident.

We have had the opportunity to represent many people with "Dram Shop" claims. Just recently, we were able to secure a substantial settlement for a mother who lost her 19-year-old son after he was served to the point of intoxication and was killed in a one vehicle accident. These tragic cases require a thorough and careful investigation and analysis."

Our attorneys can investigate a property for negligent security, determine premises liability, and help you with your claim. Contact us today for a risk-free, no-cost case evaluation today.