Paul Pennock Chosen to Lead the MDL Against Elmiron

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One of Morgan & Morgan’s Mass Tort attorneys, Paul Pennock, was appointed as Co-Lead Counsel in the Elmiron MDLa case brought by consumers against Johnson & Johnson alleging that the bladder treatment drug causes severe eye damage in its users. His achievement is no small feat, but his experience and success in previous pharmaceutical and product liability MDL cases made him the best choice for the position. Now he’ll use his expertise to ensure that the victims of this dangerous drug are compensated fairly for their hardship and that the company is held accountable for the damage.

Upon receiving the news of his appointment, Mr. Pennock said, “I am honored by this appointment and applaud Judge Brian R. Martinotti’s dedication to advancing diversity in leadership positions. Judiciously but firmly, Judge Martinotti ensured not only that leadership counsel reflected diversity but, importantly, that the committee members have the experience and talent to pursue justice for these plaintiffs.” 

Mr. Pennock is one of the most skilled MDL litigators in the country, and his involvement will prove to be an undeniable asset for the victims of Elmiron. 

What is the Elmiron Lawsuit?

Elmiron has been used since 1996 to treat Interstitial Cystitis, otherwise known as painful bladder syndrome. However, many individuals who have used this drug have been diagnosed with a serious eye disease called maculopathy, a condition characterized by vision distortion or total vision loss. Researchers have linked Elmiron to maculopathy as of 2015, yet after many years, the company still fails to list the condition as a possible side effect.

If you or a loved one uses Elmiron to treat interstitial cystitis, consult with your doctor about possibly discontinuing use and finding a safer alternative. Johnson & Johnson has a responsibility to disclose all side effects of their products, and their reluctance to associate Elmiron with eye disease is only making the problem worse. No one should have to lose their vision as a result of using a drug that’s designed to treat other problems, but with the ongoing MDL, the victims can receive the compensation they need to support their condition in the future. 

What is an MDL?

Multidistrict litigation (MDL) allows victimized individuals across the country to unite and seek compensation against a negligent organization that caused widespread harm. MDL’s are similar to class action lawsuits, but the compensation is awarded on an individual basis rather than a collective payout that’s divided evenly amongst the plaintiffs, which grants each victim compensation based on their individual damages. These cases are filed nationally by the multiple victimized parties, but the actual litigation takes place before one judge in a centralized location, and the plaintiffs are represented by a group of attorneys called the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee.

The attorneys that make up the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee hold the fate of thousands of victimized individuals in their hands, making the selection process exclusive and important. Those who are chosen to lead this group must have qualifications that set them apart from the crowd, experience that shows they can get the job done, and skills to successfully litigate cases of this size, which is hard to come by. Mr. Pennock was appointed as Co-Lead Counsel because he possesses all of these qualities and then some, making him an undeniable asset for the victims of Elmiron.

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Johnson & Johnson should have acted ethically and disclosed the risks of their product, but instead, they chose to ignore it, causing many innocent individuals to lose their eyesight for the rest of their lives. Mr. Pennock, along with the other accomplished attorneys in the Plaintiff’s Steering Committee, is fighting to hold Johnson & Johnson accountable for their negligence and ensure that every victim is compensated based on the damages they sustained. If you or someone you know has developed maculopathy as a result of Elmiron use, we will fight on your behalf for the justice you deserve.

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