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Neck Injury Compensation Calculator: What You Need to Know

One of the most common injuries you may sustain after a serious car accident or fall is neck trauma. Unfortunately, if you have severe injuries, you will rack up medical expenses, lost income, and probably experience significant pain and suffering. However, if you got hurt because of someone else's negligence, you might be eligible to receive personal injury compensation. 

But, how much is your case worth? You may be tempted to use an online neck injury compensation calculator or trust the insurer's estimation. However, their numbers are likely unreliable and don't consider all the circumstances that impact its value. So, before agreeing to a compensation offer, make sure to speak with the experienced personal injury attorneys of Morgan & Morgan for a free evaluation of your claim.

How Insurers Use Neck Injury Compensation Calculators

Unfortunately, insurers are in the business of making money. Any offer their adjusters come up with will have one goal in mind: save money. So these greedy corporations will do whatever they can to minimize your claim's worth and protect their revenue. You may have spent a week in the hospital and have years of chronic pain and diminished work capacity ahead of you, but this won't stop them from trying to get you to settle for less. 

Common techniques that insurance companies use to minimize neck injury payouts include:

  • Delay responses to the injury claim
  • Unjustly denying the claim over a technicality
  • Deflect part of the fault on to the victim
  • Misconstrue policy coverages
  • Advise claimants that an attorney will hurt their compensation case
  • Purposely delay payment so victims will take a lowball offer out of desperation

These types of bad faith practices are unlawful, but without a seasoned personal injury attorney to fight for your best interests, how can you win? This is why you shouldn't attempt to negotiate your neck injury claim or rely on their use of a neck injury compensation calculator to assign a value to your case. 

How Experienced Neck Injury Attorneys Calculate Neck Injury Compensation

Knowledgeable personal injury lawyers who regularly represent neck injury cases understand the numerous factors that can impact the value of these claim types. And, unlike insurers, they will go the extra mile to maximize your settlement or jury award. Why? Because you are their client, their job is to ensure your best interests are the focal point of any compensation you receive. 

When you consult with the highly skilled attorneys of Morgan & Morgan about your neck injury, we will include some of the following factors when evaluating your case:

The Scope of Your Neck Injury

One of the most critical elements that impact a neck injury compensation calculator is the scope of harm you suffered. Our attorneys not only look at how severely you were hurt but to what extent your condition affects you now and into the future. This includes how your day-to-day life is affected, as well as your career. 

For instance, if you suffered a broken vertebra because an object fell and struck you on the job, leaving you permanently disabled. This injury would devastate your entire life and impact those who rely on you for financial support. On the other hand, should you have only suffered a mild instance of whiplash while painful and potentially causing you to miss a week of work, you'll likely make a full recovery and not have future repercussions.

Having a knowledgeable legal adviser with in-depth experience to properly evaluate the scope of your neck injury is crucial in determining a realistic claim value. 

Scope of Medical Care and Treatment Expense Your Neck Injury Requires

Another big factor that influences neck injury compensation calculators that attorneys rely on is the treatment you need to recover and the overall cost of care. Obviously, the more severely you were hurt, the more extensive care you will need. This determination will also include future fees based on your doctor's prognosis of your condition. 

If you were hurt so badly that your neck required a spinal fusion to correct the harm caused, your attorney would likely ask for a higher compensation amount. If you were lucky enough only to need a few months of physical therapy and missed minimal work time, the damages you ask for may be minimal.

Your Liability in Getting Hurt

Even if you are partially at fault for your accident injuries, this doesn't mean you aren't entitled to compensation. But, your lawyer will need to consider this when determining what amount of damages they should demand from the other liable party. 

Keep in mind that there are limits on how much personal liability you can have depending on the state where your case takes place. You can also expect your final injury award to get reduced by the amount you are at fault for. 

Review Previous Case Settlements for Neck Injury Cases Similar to Yours

When you work with an experienced neck injury attorney to calculate what damages you have suffered from your accident, they will also review previous cases similar to yours. Knowing how juries awarded victims for the severity of their injuries is crucial if a lawsuit needs to be pursued should the insurer not negotiate fairly. Remember that insurance companies will do the same and may consider renegotiating instead of going to court.

Determining if You Have a Valid Neck Injury Claim 

You may be unsure if you have a valid neck injury claim or not, which makes the advice of an experienced attorney all that more important. Knowing if you qualify for compensation, how much you should receive, and many other questions require sound legal advice. 

When you consult with your personal injury lawyer, they will determine if you have a legitimate claim by assessing the following:

  • The party that hurt you had a responsibility to ensure the safety of you and others in the actions they took, and,
  • Their negligence and/or recklessness caused the accident, and,
  • The accident caused you physical, emotional, and/or financial harm

As you can see, all of these factors will require a significant burden of evidence on your part to justify your demand for compensation. A skilled attorney will prove these crucial elements and convince a jury to award compensatory damages in your favor. Even if the insurer opts to settle your case, being able to build a solid case based on proof establishing all of those factors will ensure you receive compensation that is fair to the scope of harm you suffered.

Typical Accident Damages Included in Neck Injury Compensation Calculators

When a personal injury attorney evaluates your claim, they will determine what losses you suffered that should be included in your compensation demand. While every neck trauma case is different, there are some common damages usually making up the overall calculation:

  • Medical bills and out-of-pocket costs related to the injury
  • Lost income and wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of consortium and enjoyment
  • Diminished work capacity
  • Temporary and permanent disability

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer who regularly represents individuals like yourself with debilitating neck injuries caused by negligence is crucial in prioritizing your best interest. If the liable party or their insurer won't negotiate compensation fairly, your legal counsel can handle it while you stay focused on healing.

How Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help

Your world probably feels out of control right now since being hurt in an accident. Your everyday obligations are now even more difficult to achieve. And, you have to focus on recovering from your neck injury and the costs that come with that. At Morgan & Morgan, our personal injury lawyers understand the increasing stress you are under after being hurt by someone else's negligence. 

You may have been trying to work it out yourself with the insurance company and have had nothing but a run-around the entire time. Or, maybe they won't get back to you promptly or are delaying payment of your medical costs. You can put a stop to this by hiring a skilled attorney from our firm to represent you.

You may be worried that the cost of an attorney will eat away the majority of your compensation award, but that just isn't true. The reality is, hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent your neck injury claim will maximize your award, even after legal fees, compared to going it alone and having to take a lowball offer. 

Below are just a few of the many ways a skilled lawyer can benefit your neck injury case:

  • We gather all the evidence necessary to prove the liable party is 100% at fault for causing your neck injury.
  • Any settlement offer or jury award you receive will be fair and address the entire scope of the harm caused to you.
  • Our attorneys are focused on your best interests and won't settle for less than what your neck injury claim is worth.
  • You have our over 30 years of experience and impressive $10 billion awards record working for your cause.
  • We will absolutely take your case to trial and represent you tirelessly until you get the justice and compensation you deserve  

Before you trust the insurer's manipulative neck injury compensation calculator, speak with an attorney first. Not only can legal counsel provide a comprehensive calculation of the damages you suffered, but they have a broad network of medical experts and accident recreationists at their disposal to build your case on solid evidence. 

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