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Left Turn Accidents

Some drivers try to avoid left turns, but it’s hard to get around without making them. Unfortunately, these everyday maneuvers carry a certain degree of risk. When you turn left, you must yield to oncoming traffic. Errors in judgment — such as miscalculating the speed or distance of an oncoming vehicle — can lead to catastrophic consequences.                                

If you believe you were the victim in a left turn accident, you may be able to recover compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, property damage, physical therapy, and more. Read on to learn what you need to know about left turn accidents.

Dangers of Left Turns

Left hand turns are a particularly dangerous maneuver for a number of reasons:

  •     They require crossing at least one lane of traffic (and often multiple lanes).
  •     They necessitate judgment calls regarding the speed and distance of oncoming cars.
  •     They require the driver to estimate the distance of the intersection and how long it will take to pass through.
  •     They sometimes leave drivers with an obstructed view as they turn or prepare to turn.
  •     They often force the driver to account for multiple directions of traffic.

Causes of Left Turn Accidents

Left hand turns are made even riskier amid negligent or inattentive drivers. These accidents may be caused by:

  •     A driver turning into a blind spot
  •     An illegal maneuver such as failure to yield the right of way or neglecting to signal
  •     Distracted driving
  •     Speeding

Determining Fault in Left Turn Accidents

Most often, the driver making the turn is at fault in a left turn accident. In most states, traffic laws require that vehicles turning left wait until they can safely complete the turn before entering and proceeding through an area of oncoming traffic. The driver making a left has the right of way only on a green arrow.

There are, however, notable exceptions. The driver making the turn may not be at fault if:

  •     The other driver ran a stop sign or red light.
  •     The other driver sped through the intersection.
  •     They began turning when it was safe to do so, but an unexpected event occurred that forced them to slow down or stop in the intersection.
  •     The other driver was intoxicated.
  •     The other driver was using their phone.

Making Safe Left Turns

Without a dedicated left turn signal or lane, crossing a busy intersection can be tricky. Be sure to:

  •     Use your blinker prior to turning
  •     Remain patient, as drivers proceeding straight generally have the right of way
  •     Ensure you can cover the gap with plenty of room to spare
  •     Be extra cautious if your view is at all obstructed

Contact a Left Turn Accident Lawyer

At Morgan & Morgan, our highly skilled car accident attorneys understand that being involved in an auto accident is an incredibly stressful experience. We also know that the legal process can be overwhelming, so we’re here to help. If you were involved in a left turn accident, whether you were turning left or going straight, we’ll fight to get you the best possible outcome. To learn more, schedule a free case evaluation now.

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