What Are the Side Effects of an INFUSE Bone Graft?

What Are the Side Effects of an INFUSE Bone Graft?

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What Are the Side Effects of an INFUSE Bone Graft?

An INFUSE Bone Graft represents a medical procedure that replaces a damaged or diseased bone located just about anywhere in the body. However, the procedure is especially common for patients suffering from debilitating back pain caused by arthritis or a degenerative disc. Medtronic developed a procedure that creates synthetic proteins to help grow a new bone where a damaged or diseased bone has caused considerable pain. The INFUSE Bone Graft procedure is also used for dental cases and indications of trauma in the joints of both knees and elbows.

More than one million patients have undergone some form of an INFUSE Bone Graft, but recent developments have demonstrated negative INFUSE Bone Graft side effects. The result is an increase in the number of civil lawsuits filed against Medtronic that link the biotech device used for an INFUSE Bone Graft to a wide variety of serious medical complications. If you underwent an INFUSE Bone Graft conducted by a Medtronic biotech device, you might be eligible to receive just compensation for adverse INFUSE Bone Graft side effects.

Working with an experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in product liability law can help you recover the financial losses caused by completing an INFUSE Bone Graft procedure. Some of the complications generated by the medical procedure include displaced spinal bone, back and leg pain, and degeneration of bone tissue. You should not have to pay the medical expenses that are associated with negative INFUSE Bone Graft side effects.

For more than 30 years, the personal injury lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have helped clients recover more than $12 billion in monetary damages. If an INFUSE Bone Graft caused you harm, you should contact one of our experienced litigators to determine how to proceed with legal action against Medtronic. Thousands of patients have filed civil lawsuits against Medtronic because of the harm caused by the company’s INFUSE Bone Graft device.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • What Are the Negative INFUSE Bone Grafts Side Effects?

    Clinical studies conducted early in the vetting process by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) demonstrated the INFUSE Bone Graft biotech device had the potential to cause severe pain in both bones and tissue. The studies linked the faulty device to urinary tract issues, as well as the stimulation in the growth of cancerous cells. However, the results of the studies did not influence the decision made by the FDA to approve INFUSE Bone Graft devices for limited use. Some researchers alleged Medtronic paid off doctors to keep the negative news away from the medical spotlight.

    The negative side effects associated with an INFUSE Bone Graft start with inflammatory reactions that get worse over time. Severe leg and back pain develops at the area where an artificial bone is fused with healthy bone. The pain can get severe enough for a patient to require emergency medical care. This is especially true if a patient suffers from radiculitis, which represents debilitating pain that spreads through the nerves surrounding the spine. Another serious side effect of an INFUSE Bone Graft is an implant displacement that makes contact with nerves and tissue. When an INFUSE biotech device displaces, the result can be a serious infection that triggers several additional medical complications.

    INFUSE Bone Grafts also can cause male sterility, degeneration of bone tissue, and unwanted bone dislodged in the spinal canal.

  • How Do I File a Product Liability Lawsuit?

    If you suffer from one or more adverse INFUSE Bone Graft side effects, you might have a strong enough case to file a product liability lawsuit. Although each product liability case handled by Morgan & Morgan presents unique challenges, the process for filing a civil lawsuit includes several common steps.

    Receive Medical Care

    One of the most important steps for a product liability case is the first step, which involves receiving a diagnosis and completing treatment programs to mitigate the pain and other medical conditions produced by a faulty INFUSE Bone Graft. The result of diagnostic tests might confirm an INFUSE Bone Graft caused you harm. Completing treatment programs and physical therapy sessions costs a considerable amount of money that you deserve compensation for in the form of monetary damages. The healthcare provider treating you for negative INFUSE Bone Graft side effects should submit a written statement verifying the faulty biotech device caused your injuries.

    Work With an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

    Working with Morgan & Morgan, which has a presence throughout the United States, gives you the legal support to fight back against the powerful legal team put together by Medtronic. During the first meeting with one of our highly rated litigators, you present the medical evidence you have gathered and organized, as well as answer the questions asked by your legal counsel.

    Notification of Claim

    Before you file a civil lawsuit, you notify Medtronic and any other party that is legally liable for causing your harm about your intent to take legal action. Sometimes, simply informing the other party or parties about your intent to file a civil lawsuit can lead to a favorable resolution. Your product liability lawyer meets with the legal team representing Medtronic and any other party to discuss the financial terms of an agreement.

    File a Civil Lawsuit

    Medtronic has not indicated it is agreeable to resolving cases out of court that regard its INFUSE Bone Graft device. This means you probably will file a civil lawsuit. The product liability attorney representing you from Morgan & Morgan ensures you file a civil lawsuit that includes overwhelmingly convincing medical evidence, as well as receipts that show how much you have paid in medical expenses. One of the most important reasons you should hire an experienced product liability lawyer concerns filing a civil lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations.

    Negotiate a Settlement

    During the discovery phase of a civil trial, the parties involved have an opportunity to exchange evidence and the statements made by witnesses. This allows all parties to determine whether they have a strong enough case to get a favorable ruling from the judge hearing the case. If the parties agree that a civil trial is not worth the time and money, then negotiations begin to settle the case. Your product liability attorney submits an offer, which if not immediately accepted, starts the negotiation process. A series of counteroffers ensue until the parties reach an agreement. When you evaluate product liability lawyers, the ability to negotiate favorable settlements should be near the top of your criteria list.

    Civil Trial

    If your product liability attorney cannot reach a favorable settlement, your case moves forward to the trial phase of the litigation process. A civil trial allows your legal counsel to examine and cross-examine witnesses, as well as submit compelling medical evidence for the judge to review. For a civil lawsuit involving negative INFUSE Bone Graft side effects, medical evidence is by far the most important factor in determining the outcome of litigation. All parties involved in a civil trial have the right to appeal the decision issued by the judge hearing the case.

  • What Are the Three Product Liability Categories?

    Medtronic can be held legally liable under one or more product liability categories. Your lawyer conducts a thorough review to determine which of the product liability categories make the most sense when it comes to filing a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages.

    Manufacturing Defect

    A manufacturing defect might have caused adverse INFUSE Bone Graft side effects. Perhaps a defect occurred during assembly or the production of the parts that formed the Medtronic biotech device. If Medtronic used incorrect or inferior materials to save money, you might have a strong enough case to win an award for monetary damages.

    Design Defect

    One of the most common faults with an INFUSE Bone Graft is the displacement of bone that causes a tremendous amount of pain. Displacement of bone might result from a design defect made long before the biotech device completed the manufacturing process. Typically, a design defect for a healthcare product causes more widespread medical issues because the defective product reaches more people.

    Lack of a Warning

    Because of the large number of patients that suffered physical injuries because of a faulty INFUSE Bone Graft, Medtronic should have included a warning message inside the storage box of the biotech device. The warning message should have explained the possible medical complications that result from using the biotech device. Manufacturers of products have a legal duty of care to prevent their products from harming consumers.

  • How Do I Hire a Product Liability Attorney?

    Experience in litigating product liability cases should be the most important factor to consider when hiring a lawyer. At Morgan & Morgan, we have won legal judgments and negotiated favorable settlements for our clients for more than three decades. Experience matters when litigating a case against a powerful corporation such as Medtronic.

    Legal Support From Start to Finish

    You cannot afford to work with a product liability who delegates most of the work pertaining to your civil lawsuit. The financial stakes are too high for a paralegal and/or inexperienced litigator to investigate your claim and represent you during a civil trial. When you hire one of the proven product liability lawyers at Morgan & Morgan, you receive superior legal support from the day of the free case evaluation to the day when the judge hearing your case issues a decision.

    Highly Skilled Negotiator

    The goal of your legal counsel is to get you the compensation you deserve, without having to endure a costly and time-consuming civil trial. Our team of product liability lawyers knows how to negotiate settlements that cover the costs associated with adverse INFUSE Bone Graft side effects. However, if we cannot reach a settlement agreement with Medtronic, we will not hesitate to take your case to trial.

  • Get Justice for Negative INFUSE Bone Graft Side Effects

    Morgan & Morgan has received hundreds of positive reviews from clients on sites such as Facebook and Google. One of the most common types of positive feedback we receive includes our commitment to transparency, which means you remain informed about your case throughout the legal process. With a reputation rating of A+ as awarded by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Morgan & Morgan sets the standard for operating with the utmost integrity.

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