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Hiring the Best Employment Attorney Near Me

How to Hire the Best Employment Attorney Near Me

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How to Hire the Best Employment Attorney Near Me

If you are in the middle of a workplace dispute with your employer, you should know the answer to the question, “How to hire the best employment attorney near me.”

Although you might be able to resolve a workplace dispute with your employer on your own, an employment lawyer can boost your chances of getting the justice that you deserve under state and federal laws. This is especially valid for workers that experience discrimination, wage theft, sexual harassment, and/or an unsafe work environment.
Far too many employers keep their workers in the dark when it comes to employment statutes. We are here to fill the knowledge void by giving you an overview about how to hire the best employment attorney.

What is an Employment Lawyer?

An employment lawyer can either represent an employee or employer. This short guide discusses the relationship between an employee and an employment attorney.

An employment lawyer ensures clients receive fair treatment in the workplace, as well as monitor the compliance responsibilities an employer has by following state and federal laws. Employment attorneys have several ways to represent their clients. They can negotiate a settlement, file a civil lawsuit, or contact the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) on the behalf of a client.

Legal counsel that handles workplace dispute cases helps clients gather and organize evidence, as well as interview witnesses that confirm the accounts given by the aggrieved employee. They guide their clients through the judicial system and make sure their clients file paperwork before deadlines

Here are a few of the common cases that are addressed by employment lawyers:

  •       Discrimination
  •       Sexual harassment
  •       Wrongful termination
  •       Wage theft
  •       Unsafe work environment
  •       Violation of an employment agreement
  •       Whistleblower protection
  •       Denied health insurance benefits

When Should I Hire the Best Employment Attorney Near Me?

Employees can take illegal action to protect their rights. If you have experienced one or more of the following issues, the time has come to reach out to a state-licensed employment lawyer.

  •       Failed to resolve an unlawful action by communicating with your manager
  •       Victim of any type of harassment
  •       Discrimination that cost you a promotion
  •       Employer retaliated against
  •       Wrongfully terminated
  •       Forced to sign an agreement that waived your legal rights
  •       Did not receive benefits that you are entitled to receive
  •       Threats of termination

Discrimination can come in many forms, with the following classes protected under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

  •       Race
  •       Color
  •       Gender
  •       National origin
  •       Religion
  •       Sex

Federal laws passed after the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects workers against discrimination based on age, disability, gender identity, and sexual orientation.

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Hiring the Best Employment Attorney FAQs

  • What are the Factors to Consider Before Hiring an Employment Attorney?

    Answering the question of “How to hire the best employment attorney near me” is all about understanding the criteria involved in rating employment lawyers. Selecting the best attorney to represent you against your employer can seem difficult, even intimidating. However, if you conduct sufficient research and know the traits that you want in an attorney, you should be able to hire legal counsel that fights hard to protect your rights.

    Remember that the most effective way to hire the best employment attorney near you is to ask for recommendations from friends, family members, and professional peers. Word-of-mouth suggestions remain the best strategy for finding the best legal counsel.


    It is not just the number of years an attorney has practiced employment law. A lawyer may have compiled more than 10 years of experience and still not be a good fit for your case. You want any employment attorney under consideration to demonstrate a record of success, whether the success involves negotiating settlements or litigating cases in front of a civil court judge.

    You also want to work with an attorney who specializes in the type of employment law case that concerns you. If you face sexual harassment in the workplace, an employment lawyer near you who has successfully handled dozens of sexual harassment in the workplace cases should be a good fit.

    Online Reviews

    Another form of word-of-mouth advertising is online reviews. Sites such as Yelp and Google can provide you with insight into the performance of every employment lawyer on your shortlist. The more reviews the better, as a large number of online reviews, show an attorney has amassed a considerable amount of experience. A highly trusted source for rating attorneys is the Better Business Bureau (BBB). The BBB hands out ratings to businesses and lawyers, with a rating of A+ being the highest honor an attorney can receive from the BBB.


    In addition to possessing extensive knowledge on how to litigate employment law cases, you should hire legal counsel that can walk a mile in your shoes. Victims of illegal workplace acts such as discrimination, wage theft, and sexual harassment often experience emotional distress because of unlawful activities. A lawyer that listens to you can help put your mind at ease.


    You do not want a lawyer representing you that just tells you what you want to hear. You must get an honest assessment about your chances of winning a claim or getting a favorable settlement. Your attorney works for you, not for his or her self-interest. Make sure every fee is clearly spelled out before you sign an agreement to hire an employment attorney.

    Effective Communication Skills

    The attorney that you choose to represent you against your employer should explain the laws and regulations that apply to your case. This means speaking to you by not using overly technical legal jargon. You need to know everything that pertains to your case, not some obscure statute passed 50 years ago that is full of complex legal language.

    Your lawyer should also answer your questions promptly, whether you send an email or leave a voicemail.


    Preparation goes a long way in determining the outcome of your employment law case. Your attorney has to adapt to rapid changes, such as an unexpected ruling by a judge or the demand from your employer’s lawyer to depose additional witnesses. Your lawyer will know every statute that applies to your case. Nonetheless, preparation is about developing a game plan to maximize the leverage of your legal counsel.

  • What Questions Should I Ask an Employment Law Attorney?

    You have done a great job researching the lawyers on your shortlist of candidates to represent you. Now, you have arrived at the step that can give you the answer to the question, “How to hire the best employment attorney near me.”

    The time has come to receive a free case evaluation.

    Most employment law attorneys schedule a free case evaluation with prospective clients. A free case evaluation is beneficial for both you and every lawyer that you meet with for a consultation.

    A free case evaluation provides a lawyer the chance to conduct a review of your case. Your employment lawyer gets to share any concerns about the case, as well as suggest ideas on how to strengthen the evidence.

    You have the opportunity to ask questions that can shed some light on your search for the best employment attorney near you.

    Here are the questions you should ask an employment law attorney during a free case evaluation:

    •       Do I have a strong enough case?
    •       Do you think I have collected enough evidence?
    •       How many cases like mine have you handled?
    •       How many years of experience do you have litigating employment law cases?
    •       Will you be working on my case or assigning it to another lawyer?
    •       How frequently do you update clients about the status of their cases?
    •       How long will it take to get a resolution to my case?
    •       Do I deserve compensation and if so, how much?
    •       How do you charge clients?

    When you attend a free case evaluation, you should bring the documents that support your claim that your employer violated one or more employment laws. Evidence such as performance reviews and bank statements can give an attorney enough evidence to represent you effectively.

    An important decision you have to make before meeting with an attorney is figuring out what you want out of an employment law dispute. Do you simply want your old job back or do you want to pursue compensation for violations of the employment laws enforced by the EEOC?

  • How Do I Pay an Employment Law Attorney Near Me?

    Getting compensated for the way your employer illegally treated you in the workplace is just one financial factor to consider before you hire legal counsel. You also have to factor in how an attorney prefers to be compensated.

    Many employment law attorneys operate on a contingency basis, especially if they decide to pursue legal action by filing a lawsuit in a civil court. A contingency fee arrangement means your lawyer charges a percentage of what a civil court judge awards you for just compensation. Let’s say your lawyer charges a 20 percent fee and you win a $100,000 judgment against your employer.

    Your lawyer will receive a fee of $20,000 for providing legal services in your case.

    You might come across a couple of attorneys that charge clients by the hour. This type of compensation arrangement works only when a case takes a short period to resolve. If you get involved in a prolonged legal case with your employer, an hourly fee arrangement can quickly run into thousands of dollars.

    Make sure you get everything associated with a fee arrangement in writing before you agree to hire an employment law attorney.

  • Why Should I Hire the Best Employment Attorney Near Me?

    Resolving a dispute with your employer requires you to understand the local, state, and federal statutes that cover employment law issues. Complex legal issues such as resolving a claim of discrimination in the workplace can overwhelm most people.

    Hiring an attorney ensures you have the legal representation to counterbalance the skills and expertise of the lawyers hired by your employer. Your attorney can present a strong case in front of a civil court judge or negotiate a favorable deal that keeps your case out of a courtroom. Representing yourself in a civil lawsuit can quickly turn into a case that you have no chance of winning.

    Determine your best course of legal action by Contacting Morgan & Morgan to schedule a free case evaluation.

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