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Propane Tank Recall

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Propane Tank Recall

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) recently issued a recall for 55,000 propane tanks manufactured by Lite Cylinder after numerous reports of the products leaking gas and spontaneously exploding. According to the emergency recall, the cylinder valve within these propane tanks wasn’t manufactured to stand the test of time, causing them to break down over the years and eventually fail. Once they do, they pose a significant risk of injury to anyone in the area, including shrapnel injuries, burns, and permanent damage. Anyone who relies on a Lite Cylinder product for their grill, vehicle, or outdoor equipment should avoid using their propane tank and find a safer alternative that doesn’t jeopardize your well-being years after purchasing it. 

Lite Cylinder has stated that anyone who owns one of the defective two-piece, fully wrapped fire composite propane tank cylinders can visit the store where they purchased the product or a qualified local professional to repair the cylinder valve. However, their response merely prevents consumers from wasting money on a new propane tank and does very little to help those who have been injured by their product, which is necessary for a situation like this. The victims of their negligence deserve compensation for the hardship Lite Cylinder put them through. Most of all, they need an ally in their corner, and there are few better teammates for a legal battle than America’s largest personal injury firm, Morgan & Morgan. 

Manufacturer negligence is never your burden to bear, as they are the ones who should have ensured their product was safe before selling it to innocent consumers. Fortunately for you, our product liability attorneys are some of the best in the business, and we do it all for no out-of-pocket costs. We’ve already litigated hundreds of product liability claims, often recovering multi-million dollar settlements on behalf of our clients, and helped thousands of victims find solace after their injury. With over 800+ trial-ready attorneys, offices from coast to coast, and the resources of a corporate giant, our firm is uniquely equipped to handle even the most serious product liability violations, especially those committed by Lite Cylinder.

If you were injured by a Lite Cylinder product or any other defective propane tank, our attorneys are only a phone call away. Contact us today to get started. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Which Propane Tanks Were Recalled?

    Lite Cylinder’s two-piece, fully wrapped fire composite propane tank cylinders were subject to an emergency recall after the PHMSA discovered that the products contain a faulty cylinder valve that can cause the unit to ignite or explode randomly. The defective products were manufactured before May 2013, and have the following serial numbers:

    • DOT-SP 14562
    • DOT-SP-13957
    • DOT-SP 13105 (only if manufactured by Lite Cylinder)
    • Any cylinder requalified under requalification approval H706
    • Any cylinder manufactured under M5729

    You can check if your product contains the defect by locating the serial number on the tank's exterior, generally towards the bottom. If you find that your propane tank is among the list of affected products, your best course of action is to avoid using it entirely, close the valve, and safely disconnect the tank. Then, you should carefully move the product to a well-ventilated space that’s free of any heat sources. Once you’ve safely moved your propane tank, it’s time to contact the vendor where you purchased the product or a qualified local professional to discuss a repair. Although the fix seems simple enough, that doesn’t excuse Lite Cylinder from recklessly exposing its customer base to a risk of injury. Additionally, anyone who was injured after their Lite Cylinder propane tank exploded should seek to retain an attorney, as they can help you learn about your legal options moving forward. 

  • Are Defective Propane Tanks Dangerous?

    In short, yes, any propane tank that has a known defect is unsafe to use for its intended purpose. Lite Cylinder’s affected products contain a cylinder valve defect that allows gas to escape from the tank, which can potentially cause an explosion. Anyone who’s in the area of the explosion is at an elevated risk of injuries, including:

    • Shrapnel injuries
    • First, second, and third-degree burns
    • Loss of limbs/extremities
    • Organ damage
    • Spinal cord injuries
    • Eye damage

    Unfortunately, someone could also lose their life if they’re in the vicinity of an exploding propane tank. With consequences so severe, you would think that Lite Cylinder would place greater importance on user safety before shipping their products to stores around the nation. Instead, they chose to sell a potentially life-threatening product to innocent consumers, some of whom live with small children. Their negligence is nothing short of an unacceptable offense, but we’re here to help ensure that all the victims are compensated fairly for their hardships.

  • How Can an Attorney Help With a Defective Product?

    The only way that we can prevent future product liability violations is by taking action today. Negligent manufacturers, like Lite Cylinder, choose to forgo safety measures for profit all too often. We, as consumers, are the ones who are left to pick up the pieces, but how is that fair when we were never to blame for the damage? Some individuals might believe that a lawsuit is unnecessary because the damage has already been done, but we assure you that this is not the case. Filing a lawsuit against the negligent manufacturer can help you recover the damages you sustained due to their negligence, including your lost wages, medical expenses, and any other accrued costs. Not only that, but your involvement is a direct contribution to justice, as a successful lawsuit will deter other organizations from committing the same offense in the future.

    Our product liability attorneys understand that, without compensation, you’re forced to pay for the harm you’ve endured from your own pocket. While some might be financially secure enough to pull that off, there’s no reason that anyone should have to pay for the actions of a third-party, especially when they’re an organization that should know better. Our team stands as an ally to all the victims of Lite Cylinder and any other product liability violation in the future. Although you might feel like there’s no escaping the financial burden of your situation or your injuries, we’re here to help make sure that you walk away from the situation with the compensation you deserve, regardless of the size or influence of the organization you’re trying to hold accountable.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan’s Product Liability Attorneys Today

    In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan & Morgan has your back. There are a thousand ways to be injured by a defective product, but not one justifiable reason that you should have endured the injury in the first place. Light Cylinder chose to act negligently and expose their customer base to a risk of injury, and for that, they need to face justice. Our product liability attorneys are backed by the resources of America’s largest personal injury firm, meaning that they have the capability to hold out until your compensation accurately reflects the true value of the damages you sustained. You just want to return to your everyday life, and with the help of one of our skilled product liability attorneys, you can reach that goal and then some.

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