What Eye Drop Brands Are Recalled?

What Eye Drop Brands Are Recalled?

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What Eye Drop Brands Are Recalled?

Eye drops are commonly used to treat eye conditions such as dry eyes, allergies, and glaucoma. However, if eye drops are impure or contaminated with bacteria, they can cause serious harm with injuries ranging from mild irritation to permanent vision loss and, in some cases, even death.

Eye drop recalls generally occur when a product has a defect or is tainted, putting consumers at risk of harm. In early 2023, several manufacturers recalled their eye drop products due to sterility issues and potential contamination with a drug-resistant strain of the dangerous bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa.  

Morgan & Morgan’s team of skilled attorneys can fight for your rights and hold manufacturers accountable if you or a loved one suffered harm from defective eye drops. We could help you recover medical bills, income loss, pain and suffering, and other damages. Contact us now for a free case review to find out more.

List of Eye Drop Recalls in 2023

In February 2023, The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced eye drop recalls of two products due to an outbreak of severe infections associated with the dangerous bacteria Pseudomonas aeruginosa (VIM-GES-CRPA). In some consumers, the bacteria caused vision loss, the need to surgically remove eyeballs, and death. In addition, several other eye drop recalls occurred around the same time for unrelated issues. Here are the products pulled off the shelves in 2023 and the reasons for the recalls:

EzriCare Artificial Tears Lubricant Eye Drops and Delsam Pharma’s Artificial Tears – Manufacturer Global Pharma Healthcare recalled both types of artificial tears after a cluster of infections with Pseudomonas aeruginosa was discovered and believed to be linked to the eye drops.  

Delsam Pharma Artificial Eye Ointment – Technically not an in-eye product, this ointment was recalled due to potential microbial contamination not linked to the outbreak of Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Brimonidine Tartrate Ophthalmic Solution, 0.15% – In early March 2023, the pharmaceutical firm Apotex recalled its Brimonidine glaucoma drops due to cracks in the bottle caps. Cracks could compromise sterility and lead to eye infections.

Purely Soothing, 15% MSM Drops – Manufacturer Pharmedica USA recalled its eye drops on March 3, 2023, over concerns with the product’s sterility. The FDA stated that using the contaminated product may cause eye infections that could result in blindness.

Clear Eyes Once Daily Eye Allergy Itch Relief – Teva Pharmaceuticals issued the recall of this product due to impurities found in stability tests.

If you own any recalled eye products, stop using them immediately and contact your doctor for alternative medication. Don’t hesitate to seek medical advice if you experience any signs of eye infections or have concerns about your eye health.

Moreover, if you developed an eye infection or injury from using any product implicated in the current eye drop recalls, Morgan & Morgan can determine whether you have a legal claim and qualify for compensation.

Individuals Affected by Eye Drop-Related Bacterial Infections

According to the March 2023 update by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 68 patients in several states experienced infections with the drug-resistant bacteria VIM-GES-CRPA. Of these patients, 37 are linked to clusters of infections in four healthcare facilities. The CDC further states that of the individuals affected, three have passed away, eight have lost their vision, and four patients required surgical removal of eyeballs. Most of those affected reported using EzriCare Artificial Tears.

Laboratory testing revealed the presence of VIM-GES-CRPA in opened EzriCare eye drop bottles from various lots. The bacterial strain identified in the opened products matches the rare and drug-resistant VIM-GES-CRPA strain implicated in the infections, which had never been reported in the U.S. previously. The CDC is currently testing unopened bottles of EzriCare Artificial Tears to assess whether bacterial contamination occurred during manufacture. The agency advises patients and healthcare providers to stop using the product at once and report any adverse health events to the FDA.  

Signs of Eye Infections From Recalled Eye Drops

Various factors, including contaminated eye drops, bacteria, viruses, fungi, and other irritants, can cause eye infections. Here are some signs of eye infections that eye drops could cause:

Eye Redness

Redness of the eye and eyelid can be a common symptom of eye infections and can be caused by inflammation of the blood vessels in the eye. If your eyes appear bloodshot or inflamed after using eye drops, the product may be contaminated or impure.

Itching and Burning

Itching and burning or the feeling of an object in the affected eye can point to an irritation caused by bacteria or other impurities in the eye drops.


Eye infections can cause discharge from the affected eye, which may appear as a yellow, green, or clear substance. If you notice discharge after using eye drops, stop using the product immediately and seek medical advice.

Sensitivity to Light

Sensitivity to light, also known as photophobia, can be a symptom of an eye infection. If you develop light sensitivity while using eye drops, your symptoms may be related to a fault with the product.

Blurred Vision

Eye infections can also cause blurred vision or other vision problems. If you experience any changes in your vision due to using eye products, seek medical advice immediately.

Impure eye drops could cause severe and irreversible harm to your eyes and lead to more serious infections. Consult a healthcare professional if you experience any unusual symptoms after using eye drops.

Potential Complications From Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

When Pseudomonas aeruginosa infects the eye, such as with the current eye drop recalls, it can cause a variety of symptoms and potentially serious complications, including:

Corneal Ulcers – Corneal ulcers are painful sores forming on the cornea’s surface that can lead to vision loss if left untreated.

Endophthalmitis – A severe inflammation of the inside of the eye, endophthalmitis can be caused by Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

Chronic Eye Inflammation – A Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection can also cause chronic eye inflammation, scarring of the cornea, and even loss of the eye itself.

Practicing proper eye drop hygiene can help to avoid some infections. Wash your hands before and after using eye drops, don’t share them with others, and store eye drops in a clean, cool, and dry place. If you suspect you may have an eye infection, seek medical attention right away to receive prompt and appropriate treatment.

Infections Elsewhere in the Body

Pseudomonas aeruginosa can cause a wide range of infections, particularly in individuals with weakened immune systems, including:

  • Respiratory infections, such as pneumonia and bronchitis.
  • Urinary tract infections, including cystitis and pyelonephritis.
  • Skin and soft tissue infections.
  • Bloodstream infections such as sepsis.
  • Gastrointestinal infections.
  • Ear infections

As we have seen, Pseudomonas aeruginosa is also a drug-resistant bacterium, meaning it can be challenging to treat with antibiotics. Therefore, immediate medical diagnosis and treatment are crucial in preventing more severe infections.

Morgan & Morgan Can Help Those Hurt by Contaminated Eye Drops

If manufacturers’ carelessness causes injuries, they should pay to put it right. Morgan & Morgan is here to level the playing field and help you assert your rights. Our tenacious attorneys can hold powerful pharmaceuticals responsible and help you recover the compensation you truly deserve. Here are some ways in which we could help:

Walk You Through Your Options

Knowing what to do when you are hurt by a dangerous medication can be tricky. However, our experienced attorneys can take your hand and lead you through the legal process one step at a time. We can thoroughly assess your specific situation and medical records, determine whether you have a case, and move forward with filing a lawsuit against the responsible entity, such as a manufacturer or distributor of the eye drops.

Determine the Worth of Your Case

Morgan & Morgan’s seasoned injury attorneys can assess your eye drop injury’s full impact on your home life, career, and life quality. We can help you determine a fair compensation amount, taking into account your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and any other damages you experienced as a result of the recalled eye drops.

Fight Hard for What You Deserve

Morgan & Morgan never settles for less. We have a proven track record of success in standing up to corporations. Our attorneys are experienced and determined litigators who can fight hard for what you need in settlement negotiations or in court. We understand the emotional toll that a situation like this can take on you and your family and can provide you with the compassionate and personalized support you deserve.

Are you or a loved one affected by the recalled eye drops? Get America’s largest injury firm on your side. Morgan & Morgan can leave no stone unturned in helping you seek fair compensation for your losses.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Why Are Eye Drops Recalled?

    A manufacturer or government agency generally issues recalls to remove a defective or dangerous product from the market. Eye drop recalls can be issued when the product poses a risk of injury, illness, or death or fails to meet safety standards. Eye drops may be recalled due to the following:

    • Contamination with bacteria or other harmful substances.
    • Incorrect labeling
    • Severe side effects
    • Manufacturing defects

    Consumers who have purchased recalled eye drops can return them for a refund or exchange.

  • When Should I Visit a Doctor?

    If you have used any of the products implicated in the eye drop recall, assess whether you are experiencing any of the following symptoms:

    • Eye discharge
    • Discomfort or pain in the eye
    • Feeling something in the eye
    • Eye redness
    • Light sensitivity
    • Blurry vision

    These symptoms are commonly associated with eye infections. If you experience such signs of infection, seek medical help immediately for evaluation and treatment. If your doctor determines that your eye drops may be to blame for your condition, an attorney at Morgan & Morgan could help you recover compensation.

  • Which Damages Could I Recover Due to Recalled Eye Drops?

    The damages you can recover depend on the nature and extent of your injuries and financial losses. Typically, injured individuals could seek compensation for:

    • Medical costs related to treating their injuries
    • Out-of-pocket expenses
    • Lost wages or income

    In addition to economic damages, you could also seek non-economic damages for the pain and suffering you experienced as a result of your eye drop injuries, which could include:

    • Physical pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Diminished quality of life

    While non-economic damages can be more challenging to quantify, they are an essential part of compensation in personal injury cases where victims suffer extensive injuries.

    Punitive Damages

    If you can demonstrate that the manufacturer acted with intentional misconduct or negligence, you may be able to recover punitive damages in addition to compensation. Punitive damages are designed to punish the defendant and deter similar conduct in the future.

  • Who Is Responsible for My Eye Drop Injuries?

    There are several ways in which manufacturers may be responsible for producing harmful eye drops, such as:  

    • Making mistakes during manufacture and quality control
    • Failing to warn of known side effects and risks
    • Neglecting to test eye drops properly
    • Misrepresenting the effectiveness or safety of the eye drops

    If you suffered an injury due to recalled eye drops, you could hold a manufacturer, distributor, or other party involved in the sale and distribution of faulty eye drops responsible for your damages.

  • Get Started and Contact Morgan & Morgan Today

    Now that you know what eye drop brands are recalled, don’t hesitate to protect yourself and your rights. Don’t suffer in silence if you or a loved one has suffered from the harmful effects of eye drops involved in the eye drop recall. Morgan & Morgan understands the physical, emotional, and financial toll this situation can have on you and your family and can provide you with the compassionate and powerful legal representation you need to move forward. With our help, you can get your life back on track. Contact us today for a free case review and take the first step toward justice.

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