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Factory Explosion Lawyer

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Factory Explosion Lawyer

The recent tragic explosion of a chocolate factory in Pennsylvania has many people demanding answers as to why a preventable explosion took the lives of seven employees.

The sad truth is that many major corporations put profits over the welfare of their own employees, and their cost-cutting and negligence can lead to severe consequences. If a factory fails to keep its equipment and infrastructure up to date or fails to adequately train teams, then accidents can and will happen, and some of these accidents can cost workers their lives.

Employers and supervisors at factories have a legal responsibility to ensure that their employees are relatively safe on the job. However, research from the Bureau of Labor shows that workplace explosions and fires make up three percent of the total fatalities across all industries in the country. Companies that run these factories have to understand the potential risks of possible explosions and fires and must take proactive steps to minimize the possibility of fatal accidents.

If you’ve been involved in a factory explosion, you may be dealing with devastating injuries that have turned your life upside down, and you deserve to have the support of a qualified factory explosion lawyer, like those at Morgan & Morgan, America’s largest personal injury law firm.

If the factory explosion occurred due to the negligence of those in charge, you may be entitled to compensation. This money can help cover associated expenses of your injuries, such as medical bills and lost wages due to your inability to work.

The lawyers at Morgan and Morgan can help you to fight for the maximum compensation you need and deserve for these often preventable accidents. To get started, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation.

Kinds of Factory Explosion Injuries

Following a factory explosion, an investigation of the accident may be required to identify the primary cause of the incident. When a factory explosion occurs, the initial blast can cause significant damage to the immediate vicinity and can hurt employees. This is because the blast forces can enter the body directly and can also send someone flying into other stationary obstacles. There are four primary categories of injuries associated with factory explosions.

The first of these is the primary blast. This is caused by the significant pressure released from the initial explosion. Primary blasts can affect the lungs, ears, and gastrointestinal organs. This is because these organs are easily filled with air and may suffer under the pressure of the blast.

A secondary blast injury is the next category of factory explosion injury. This is usually caused by moving or falling objects that strike employees because of the pressure released from the initial blast. Some of the most dangerous parts of secondary injuries can include glass or equipment that can become embedded in someone's body or cause impact or crushed injuries from the initial strike.

A tertiary blast is the third category of injury. These are caused when an explosion lifts a person off of the ground and propels them into a wall or nearby object. The impact of a body striking a stationary object can cause severe internal organ injuries and fractures.

The final category of factory explosion injury is known as a quaternary explosion injury, which includes crush injuries, chemical exposure, and burns. In these types of injuries, you may not develop some of the associated symptoms or medical problems until days or even weeks after the accident.

Adverse health effects from quaternary explosion injuries can include loss of blood, infections, or the inhalation of toxic fumes.

Common Causes of Chemical Plant Explosions

Factories and chemical plants are some of the most common sites for severe explosions, and sometimes these can be triggered by a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or a hurricane that significantly disrupts the building itself.

However, the root cause of many factory explosions can often be traced back to other, more preventable factors. Common causes of factory explosions can include human error in equipment operation, improper transportation of volatile substances, improper storage of dangerous or hazardous items, infrequent or improper maintenance, or insufficient training of personnel.

Defective products may also apply to some causes of factory explosions. This can include problems with warning systems or safety valves. Even one wrong ignition source has the potential to cause catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

Other People Harmed by Factory Explosions

Explosions of factories don't cause problems just for the workers inside the building. They can also have repercussions for surrounding community members, especially when chemical hazards are at play. These conditions can have significant consequences. Prevention is critical for minimizing the possibility of factory explosions.

Common Injuries in Factory Explosions

Different employees located throughout the site may have different forms of illnesses and injuries due to a factory explosion. Injuries from factory explosions can be significant, because many workers are not expecting an explosion or a burn scenario, leaving them with catastrophic injuries because they have little to no opportunity to get away from the site of the explosion.

Some of the most common injuries include eye and facial injuries, broken bones, burns, traumatic brain injuries, back injuries, lung injuries, hearing loss and ear injuries, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

It's extremely important for any employee who has been seriously hurt in an accident to take this situation seriously and get medical attention. If your injury occurred while on the job, you may be eligible to recover compensation through a lawsuit, or you may be able to recover damages through worker's compensation. Furthermore, you may also be eligible for certain third party claims. Contact an experienced lawyer to discuss your next steps.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Is My Employer Liable for a Factory Explosion?

    One of the most important components of any factory explosion claim for workers’ compensation is determining if your employer is liable for the blast, fire, or explosion that left you with injuries. If you can show that your employer deviated from a standard practice or general safety protocol or was otherwise not covering regular maintenance or cleanup practices, you may be able to hold them responsible for the injuries you sustained in a factory explosion.

    This is often more difficult than an employee can undertake in terms of a full investigation of the situation. The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan can step in to gather relevant evidence that indicates if your employer or any other parties may be held liable for the injuries you sustained. In many cases, it will not be known until days or even weeks after the initial explosion as to what caused the primary blast.

  • What Should I Do if I Was Hurt in a Factory Explosion?

    First and foremost, if you sustained injuries in a factory explosion or other work accident, you should immediately seek medical attention. Once you have a diagnosis of your condition and any long-term treatment plan necessary, you can share this information with your factory explosion lawyer at Morgan & Morgan to discuss your next steps.

    Any factory explosion injury claim will include not just a total of the injuries and damages you've sustained to date but also the likely future cost projection for treating and recovering from these injuries. Many employees are so devastatingly injured in a factory explosion that they may never fully recover or may carry the scars from these injuries forever.

    If you're facing an uphill battle in terms of recovery from a factory explosion and know that your employer or some other party is responsible, you can consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer to help fight for your justice.

    At Morgan & Morgan, we have helped injury victims recover the compensation they need and deserve to move forward with their lives after an accident for over 35 years. We know the pain and hardship that an accident can cause, and we also know that responsible parties often try to avoid accountability. That’s why we fight tirelessly for our clients, and we’ve recovered over $20 billion as a result of our strongest efforts.

    To learn more about how we can help, contact us today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation and discover how a factory explosion lawyer can help you get your life back on track.

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