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Condo Collapse Lawyers

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Condo Collapse Lawyers

Urban lifestyles often call for a different kind of homeownership than the traditional housing of rural and suburban areas. Condominiums can offer homeowners inner city convenience and even hotel-like amenities, with gorgeous, scenic views a frequently sought-after bonus.

However, greedy developers and builders can cut corners and quickly erect new condos with shabby construction—all in the name of maximizing their profits. This can lead to property damage for those who purchase a condo in these compromised buildings, including water damage from faulty plumbing, gas leaks from bad connections, and in the worst cases, even a total collapse of the entire structure.

If the unthinkable has occurred and if you have become the victim of a condo collapse, you may be entitled to compensation from the at-fault parties, and the right condo collapse lawyers can help. While no amount of money can undo the devastating destruction of your home, recovering compensation for your damages can help ease your pain and provide you and your loved ones with some sense of closure in order to move forward with your life.

At Morgan & Morgan, we fight to hold the responsible parties accountable and win the compensation you need and deserve. For over 35 years, we have continued our fight For the People and have recovered over $20 billion for our clients.

If you’ve been hurt, injured, or lost a loved one or a home, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Our Fee Is Free™—you only pay if we win and with no upfront fees. Learn more about your legal options with a condo collapse lawyer today.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Why Would a Condo Collapse?

    Buildings can collapse for any number of reasons, but most collapses are preventable and due to someone’s negligence. As a condo owner, you expect that your property is reasonably safe and that you have made a sound investment in your future, but it only takes one negligent person to bring that investment crashing down. 

    Some of the most common examples that can cause condos to collapse include:

    • An explosion or fire
    • A natural disaster like an earthquake or a hurricane
    • Poor construction
    • A poorly maintained roof caves in
    • Improper maintenance or repair
    • Poor foundation or improper foundation laying by the construction company

    While building collapses are relatively rare, they come with significant and far-reaching consequences. Most builders should be using high quality materials and make every effort possible to follow safety regulations. This is especially important during new construction or in renovations to older properties. Someone should conduct a thorough evaluation of the premises to ensure that every proactive step is taken to minimize the possibility of a collapse. 

    Each year, only around one dozen of the world’s buildings collapse, but dozens of people may be critically injured or killed in every single incident. Many people may not realize that a typical building has a lifespan of approximately 50 years. Without appropriate maintenance or regular structural reviews, a building collapse can leave residents and those near the premises with little to no opportunity to get away from the danger.

  • Who Is at Fault for a Condo Collapse?

    Building owners, developers, and builders all have a legal responsibility to ensure that a property is safely constructed and maintained over time. Any failure to do so could mean major legal consequences for one or all parties.

    Other parties responsible for neighboring buildings may also be at fault for your condo collapse. For instance, a lawsuit may argue that the building was in need of routine maintenance and repairs but that excavation and construction on a high-rise luxury condo project next door triggered the building to become suddenly unsafe. According to that condo collapse lawsuit, the collapse was completely preventable.

  • What Parts of a Building Are Most Likely to Collapse?

    The weakest parts of buildings will vary from one region to another, depending on the soil on which the structure was built. The weakest parts of buildings, however, typically include pillars, corners, and load distributors.

  • What Are the Injuries That May Affect Someone in a Building Collapse?

    When a building collapses, people may have no opportunity to get to safety before the building crumbles. 

    If someone survives a condo collapse, they may still suffer significant injuries, such as paralysis, severe fractures, broken bones, internal injuries, traumatic brain injury, or even fatal injuries. When a bystander, resident, or construction worker is killed in the wake of a building collapse accident, surviving family members may be eligible to file a lawsuit against the responsible parties.

  • What Steps Should Someone Take After a Condo Collapse?

    If you survived a condo collapse, you may need immediate emergency medical attention. If responders are not already in route, call 911 right away, as the fire department and police will likely also be needed at the scene.

    As you receive treatment, take special note of your medical evaluation and diagnosis and be sure to follow any treatment instructions given by your doctor or medical professional. This will give you the best chance at recovery and can also help your case in the event of a lawsuit, which leads us to the next step you should take.

    Speak with a condo collapse lawyer, like those at Morgan & Morgan, as soon as your physically able. They can evaluate your case, review your medical treatment, determine fault, and estimate what your damages are worth. A lawsuit can then be filed against the responsible parties. This can be your best chance at recovering the compensation you need and deserve to cover medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, and other potential losses. If you had to miss work due to your injuries, you can even sue for lost wages. Your condo collapse lawyer will be able to guide you through the complicated legal process and inform you of what your case is worth.

    Many people who live through a condo collapse are facing catastrophic injuries, permanent disabilities, and a very long path to recover. Some people may never fully recover from the extent of their injuries, which makes it all the more important to retain a law firm with the right experience to help in a legal claim. 

    If you are the surviving family member of someone who was killed in a condo collapse, you also should speak with a premises liability attorney immediately. In some locations, you are eligible to open a wrongful death lawsuit as the surviving spouse, child, or parent of the deceased individual. In other cases, only the state representative is eligible to open a wrongful death lawsuit, although they may file this legal claim partly on behalf of surviving family members. 

    A lawyer can help you understand the various impacts of filing a premises liability or personal injury claim and some of the complex legal issues involved. 

  • How Can Condo Collapse Lawyers Help?

    An attorney can play a crucial role in gathering the evidence needed to build a strong condo collapse claim. There are many different allegations made in a condo collapse lawsuit, and it is crucial that you find an attorney who is very familiar with condo collapse risks and gathering the necessary evidence to hold someone else responsible. 

    State, federal, and even local governments may have significant regulations about building safety, all of which can apply to your case. You may need an attorney or legal team with the resources and network to pursue these claims aggressively by finding all potential violations of ongoing safety protocols or laws when you file your suit. 

    Taking these steps could help you recover the compensation you need to move forward with your life after this tragic event. 

    If you are ready to take your first steps toward justice, contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We’re here to help.

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