Where Can I Find the Best Real Estate Litigators Near Me?

Where Can I Find the Best Real Estate Litigators Near Me?

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Where Can I Find the Best Real Estate Litigators Near Me?

Real estate is typically an excellent investment opportunity. But many individuals involved in real estate transactions need legal representation. 
Brokers, sellers, buyers, landlords, tenants, and developers all need real estate litigators. This is especially true when a dispute over real estate arises.
Rather than spending hours searching online for “real estate litigators near me,” contact the best attorneys around. Morgan & Morgan has plenty of experience with real estate laws and statutes.
When you contact us for a free initial consultation, we will help you understand all your legal options. Since our founding, Morgan & Morgan has recovered billions of dollars for our clients. 
No matter what the circumstances of your real estate dispute might be, we can help. The Morgan & Morgan real estate litigation team has secured substantial recoveries for a wide variety of clients.
Our firm can handle any type of real estate litigation. We have overseen cases that involve:

  • Planning and design negligence
  • Purchase agreement disputes
  • Commercial lease breaches
  • Tenant-landlord disputes
  • Construction disputes
  • And more 

No matter the type of real estate case you’re faced with, our skilled attorneys can help. Do not waste hours searching for “real estate litigators near me” — contact the firm at Morgan & Morgan.

How Can I Find the Best Real Estate Litigators Near Me?

Real estate lawyers have legal authorization to review and prepare documents related to property sales and purchases. In many cases, real estate attorneys oversee the process of home closings.
Real estate transactions involve both buyers and sellers. In some instances, each party hires a lawyer to represent their interests.
If a dispute arises surrounding a real estate transaction, you may find yourself wondering: “How can I find real estate litigators near me?”
There are several strategies for finding the best real estate law firm in your area.

Seek Out Recommendations

It can be helpful to ask your friends and family for recommendations. If someone you know has had a good experience with a particular lawyer, you may have more confidence in that firm.

Conduct Online Research

When you’re considering a real estate law firm to work with, it is vital to conduct research online to find the best legal representation for your specific needs. There are plenty of helpful online law firm review sites.
Don’t just hire the first firm that you find after searching for “real estate litigators near me.” It is critical to read attorney reviews from a variety of sources.
The testimonials on an attorney’s own website are typically curated to present the best picture possible. For this reason, you should read reviews from previous clients that can be found on third-party review sites, too.

Secure an Attorney With Experience

Many people believe that all lawyers have the same skill set. This is a misconception.
In reality, there are many different types of attorneys and law practices. When you need assistance with a real estate dispute, it is important to find a lawyer with plenty of relevant experience.
Searching for “the best real estate litigators near me” will allow you to find attorneys capable of drafting the following legal documents:

  • Title documents
  • Sales contracts
  • Purchase agreements
  • Eviction notices
  • Mortgage documents and contracts
  • Title transfers and deed transfer documents

If you already have these documents, a real estate attorney can review them and ensure that they include the necessary provisions to protect your interests.
The accomplished litigators at Morgan & Morgan have years of experience in overseeing real estate cases. Our team has a working knowledge of all of the laws and statutes that are relevant to real estate transactions. 
We will happily draft or review any real estate documents that you need. You should never have to worry that a contract will result in unforeseen negative outcomes.
No matter what type of real estate case you are involved in, Morgan & Morgan can help. Let our skilled legal experts fight to secure the best outcome for you. 

Typical Categories of Real Estate Legal Claims

Every type of real estate case involves a unique set of circumstances. The accomplished legal experts at Morgan & Morgan have experience with every type of real estate dispute.
Some of the most common examples of real estate legal claims include:

Breach of Sale or Purchase Agreement

When a piece of property changes hands, the buyer and seller enter into a contractual agreement. Once a seller signs to accept a purchase agreement, they are legally required to transfer the title of the property.
When a seller refuses to abide by the terms of a sale agreement, the wronged party can pursue a legal claim against them. Several possible legal remedies are available to aggrieved buyers.
When a buyer files a claim against the seller, they may be owed monetary damages. In other cases, a judge might order “specific performance” from the seller.
“Specific performance” is a court order that requires a party to adhere to certain terms of the breached contract. Specific performance is available if the dispute includes the following features:

  • There is a valid and binding real estate contract
  • The contract includes certain and definite terms
  • There exists mutuality of obligation and remedy
  • The buyer was not involved in fraud or overreaching
  • Monetary damages are not an adequate compensation

Morgan & Morgan is also capable of representing real estate sellers. If a prospective buyer has not honored their contractual obligations, the seller may file a legal claim.
If you have been wronged by a prospective real estate purchaser, the litigators at Morgan & Morgan can help you to obtain damages. For instance, sellers may be owed financial recovery for any costs associated with the piece of property while awaiting resale.
You should not have to bear the financial costs of a breached real estate contract. The skilled team at Morgan & Morgan will fight hard to recover the compensation that you deserve.

Failure to Disclose Latent Defects in Transactions

Real estate sellers are legally obligated to disclose latent defects in the property being sold. “Latent defects” is a term that refers to problems with a piece of property that are not immediately observable, but could affect the value or safety of the property. 
To recover damages for a failure to disclose latent defects, the purchasing party must prove that:

  • The seller knew about the defects in question
  • The defects are material
  • The defects are unobservable by visual inspection
  • The defects present a direct threat to the buyer’s safety

In some cases, buyers who file this type of claim are awarded monetary compensation for property repair costs or any resulting personal injuries. 
A skilled real estate litigator may consult with expert witnesses to support the buyer’s case. 
The seller may not be the only party that is liable for damages. In some instances, the claimant can file a lawsuit against the broker who sold the piece of property.
Speaking with a knowledgeable attorney will help you determine whether you have a valid claim for failure to disclose defects. Morgan & Morgan has a track record of representing real estate buyers from whom information has been withheld.

Broker or Real Estate Agent Wrongful Conduct

Real estate brokers and agents have a duty to act in their client’s best interests. Brokers and agents have specialized knowledge of the processes that are necessary to buy and sell property.
Because of this, they are required to advise their clients appropriately. When this fiduciary duty is violated, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan may be able to file a lawsuit against the real estate professional.
Our real estate litigation team also has experience representing the victims of fraud. Sometimes, real estate agents and brokers purposefully mislead their clients. 
This can result in significant financial and personal damage to real estate clients. You should not have to bear the monetary costs resulting from real estate fraud. 
Morgan & Morgan will fight hard to ensure a positive outcome in your case. 
Do not hire the first law firm you come across after searching for real estate attorneys online. Our accomplished team has a long track record of success in real estate litigation. 
To have the best chance of getting the recovery you need, call Morgan & Morgan.

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Am I Legally Required to Hire a Real Estate Attorney?

    In many cases, hiring a real estate lawyer is not mandatory. Some states do require legal oversight for certain elements of the real estate sales and transfer processes.
    However, speaking with a legal professional can help you to avoid potential problems with the sale or transfer of real estate. 
    When you hire the firm at Morgan & Morgan, we will cover all of the bases for your real estate transaction. This will help to provide you with confidence throughout the process.
    If any problems or issues arise, our skilled team will ensure that your interests are protected. In the case of real estate disputes, the experts at Morgan & Morgan will carefully examine the circumstances of the situation and fight for the best outcome possible. 

  • What Other Types of Situations Require the Services of a Real Estate Litigator?

    Many different situations require the services of a skilled real estate attorney. These may include:

    • Commercial lease breaches
    • Development agreement breaches
    • Water rights cases
    • Construction contract and warranty lawsuits
    • Environmental regulation compliance cases
    • Disputes over insurance policies and coverage
    • Tenant default cases
    • Easements and adverse possession disputes
    • And more

    No real estate case is too complex or difficult for the accomplished litigators at Morgan & Morgan. 
    Our team operates on a contingency fee basis. That means you will not pay a single dime unless we successfully win or settle your case.

  • Premier Real Estate Litigators at Morgan & Morgan

    When a dispute involving real estate arises, it is vital to consult with a legal specialist. Since the founding of our firm, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan have secured over $20 billion in recovery for our clients.
    Our contingency fee payment structure means that you pay nothing unless we recover compensation for you. Do not settle for anything less than the best real estate litigators. 
    When you need legal representation, reach out to the firm of Morgan & Morgan. Complete the easy-to-use contact form on our website to schedule a free legal consultation today!

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