What Is the Average Homeowners Insurance Rate in Atlanta?

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What Is the Average Homeowners Insurance Rate in Atlanta?

According to moneygeek.com, the average cost for homeowners insurance in Atlanta is $3,855 per year, which is $1,708 more costly than the state average for homeowners insurance at $2,417. Atlanta homeowners pay an average of $1,752 more per month for insurance than the average cost of homeowners insurance is for the rest of the United States, which as of 2021 sat at $2,103.

Many factors contribute to the higher than national average cost of homeowners insurance for Atlanta residents. Crime rates for acts such as theft and arson are higher in Atlanta than in smaller cities. Insurance rates also skyrocket when actuaries take into account other issues that include the climate and the age of a home. Atlanta homes tend to be older than the ages of the homes outside of city limits.

If your insurance company has denied a claim for damage done to your home, you should contact an experienced homeowners insurance attorney to provide you with legal support. One of the Georgia-licensed home insurance lawyers from Morgan & Morgan works with you to submit the most persuasive claim. We gather and organize physical evidence that includes photographs of your home and copies of documents detailing the value of your house. Once an insurance company discovers you have retained a home insurance attorney, the company is more likely to approve a valid homeowners insurance claim or at least agree to a settlement.

Schedule a free case evaluation today with one of the highly-rated home insurance lawyers at Morgan & Morgan.

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  • What Determines the Average Cost of Homeowners Insurance?

    When an insurance company evaluates an application for taking out a homeowners insurance policy, an actuary working for the insurer considers several risk factors to determine a reasonable annual premium. Remember that the ultimate goal of any insurance company is to receive as much in premiums as possible and payout as little as possible in claims.

    Replacement Cost

    The more your home is worth to replace, the higher the premiums you can expect to pay to insure it. Valuing replacement costs includes factoring in features, architecture, square footage, and local construction costs. Replacement cost is the first-factor insurance companies typically consider for pricing a homeowners insurance policy.

    Number of Previous Claims

    The number of previous claims you have filed for homeowners insurance plays a significant role in determining the cost of a homeowners insurance policy. Insurance companies determine the cost of policies partly on patterns of behavior exhibited by policyholders. If you have filed more than one homeowners insurance claim in the past, your claim history indicates you are at a greater risk of filing another claim than a policyholder who has never filed a homeowners insurance claim.

    Credit Score

    Insurance companies emphasize the credit history of applicants for homeowners insurance. It boils down to the risk that an applicant might stop paying premiums or fall considerably behind on sending monthly payments. In addition, homeowners with below-average credit are more likely to file a homeowners insurance claim than homeowners that have never filed a claim.

    A Home’s Age

    A home’s age matters because newer homes have the structural strength to withstand severe weather better than older homes. Newer homes also pose less of a fire risk because of faulty wiring and malfunctioning appliances. One reason why average homeowners insurance in Atlanta is higher than the national average is because Atlanta is home to houses that date back to around the time of the American Revolutionary War.


    There is an adage for business owners that goes something like this: Location, location, location. Where you live influences how much you pay for homeowners insurance. In a large city such as Atlanta where the crime rate is higher than it is in another Georgia city like Macon, homeowners can expect to pay higher rates for insurance. Location also impacts homeowners insurance costs because of the climate and condition of a lot.

    Some of the surprising factors that influence the cost of homeowners insurance include the location of the nearest fire station and whether you own a dog breed that presents a higher risk of biting another person.

  • How Do I File a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

    Because of the higher than average premiums residents of Atlanta pay for homeowners insurance, you want to work with a company that treats you fairly when the time comes to file a claim. Unfortunately, far too many insurance companies make ridiculously low offers to settle homeowners insurance claims. 

    To receive the compensation you deserve, you have to know the answer to the question, “How do I file a homeowners insurance claim.

    Contact Law Enforcement

    Even if your home sustained just minor damage, contacting the nearest law enforcement agency can help you win approval for a homeowners insurance claim. The reason for getting the police involved is the investigation conducted by a law enforcement agency represents the official version of events. Your insurance company refers to the detailed description of the incident that caused damage to your house. Contacting a law enforcement agency is especially important if the damage done to your home was the result of a crime or natural disaster.

    Contact an Experienced Insurance Attorney

    You should contact an experienced insurance lawyer before you contact your insurance company. An attorney ensures you file your claim in a timely manner, as well as submit enough convincing evidence to win approval for compensation. Your legal counsel reviews your homeowners insurance policy to ensure you qualify for coverage. Working with an insurance lawyer helps you navigate what frequently is a complicated claim filing process.

    File the Proper Paperwork

    After meeting with one of the insurance attorneys at Morgan & Morgan, you should be ready to collaborate with your newly hired legal counsel when filing a homeowners insurance claim. You can file a claim by sending signed documents through the certified mail process or by accessing your insurance company’s online claim filing portal. Regardless of how you file a homeowners insurance claim, you must attach evidence to strengthen your claim.

    Make Temporary Repairs

    A city or county home inspector conducts an investigation to determine whether making short-term repairs can qualify your home as livable until you receive the compensation required to make permanent repairs. For example, an Atlanta city home inspector might agree to let you live in your home by fixing an easy to repair hole or stopping a  minor leak. Serious repair work such as a severely damaged electrical system might force you to find temporary housing, which your insurance company should provide compensation to cover the cost associated with a temporary arrangement.

    Meet With an Adjuster

    Your insurance company might require you to meet with a claims adjuster to confirm the value of all damages, as well as determine whether your homeowners insurance policy covers the cost of repairing damages. Before you meet with your insurance company’s claims adjuster, your insurance attorney will help you prepare for the meeting. Your legal counsel should attend the meeting with you to ensure you receive the legal protections granted by state and federal housing laws.

    Acquire Costs Estimates From Contractors

    Depending on the extent of the damage done to your house, you should receive cost estimates from an appraiser and Atlanta general contractors. Receiving cost estimates for the project that restores your home to mint condition provides you with more negotiating leverage in case your insurance company proposes an unreasonable financial settlement.

    Receive Compensation

    After your lawyer negotiates a favorable settlement, you will receive a settlement check from your insurance company. You should receive compensation no more than two weeks after the settlement. If you have to wait longer than two weeks, your insurance attorney will apply pressure on the insurance company to expedite the payment process. An effective strategy to ensure prompt payment of an insurance settlement check involves setting up a direct deposit account.

  • When Should I File a Homeowners Insurance Claim?

    Dealing with damage done to your house can cause a considerable amount of stress. The rapidly mounting repair issues overwhelm you to the point that you shut down. To avoid any delays in the claim filing process, work with one of the insurance litigators from Morgan & Morgan to help you file a timely claim. You want to file a homeowners insurance claim as quickly as possible after the incident that damaged your home.

    Make sure filing a homeowners insurance claim is worth the time and effort. A high insurance deductible might make it difficult for you to receive any compensation for the damage done to your house.

  • What Factors Should I Consider When Choosing an Insurance Attorney?

    Because the average cost of homeowners insurance in Atlanta is higher than the average cost of homeowners insurance for other Georgia residents, you deserve to receive compensation for any damages done to your home. Choosing the right legal counsel goes a long way in determining the outcome of a homeowners insurance claim.

    Skilled Negotiator

    Filing a homeowners insurance claim might require your lawyer to negotiate a settlement. Most homeowners insurance claims reach a settlement after several back and forth counteroffers. Your legal counsel must be a highly-skilled negotiator who understands every factor that contributes to the value of a homeowners insurance claim.


    Experience often is measured by the number of years an attorney has practiced insurance law. Although you want to work with an experienced insurance lawyer, you should determine whether any litigator on your shortlist of candidates has experienced negotiating settlements with several different insurance companies. Familiarity with insurance adjusters helps your attorney devise a negotiating strategy that matches the style of an insurance adjuster.

    Specializes in Homeowners Insurance Claims

    The factors that go into resolving a homeowners insurance claim are much different than the factors that lead to resolutions for car, health, and life insurance claims. Your insurance lawyer should specialize in handling homeowners insurance claims, preferably claims that involve Atlanta homeowners. An Atlanta homeowners insurance lawyer understands the unique factors that determine the average cost of homeowners insurance in Atlanta.

  • Meet With a Homeowners Insurance Lawyer From Morgan & Morgan

    If your home sustained damage caused by negligence or an accident, you should act with a sense of urgency by contacting one of the experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan. We help homeowners receive the compensation they deserve to recover from a damaged or completely written-off home.

    Schedule a free case evaluation to learn more about how to file a persuasive homeowners insurance claim.

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