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Environmental Lawyer in Big Pine Key, Florida

Our environment and health are constantly threatened by industrial pollution, toxic emissions, hazardous waste, and other issues. However, a local environmental lawyer can help if you suffer harm from an environmental incident. Our attorneys deal with various issues that negatively affect the environment, our health, and property, such as:

  • Air, soil, and water pollution
  • Land use issues
  • Waste management

If you or your community was negatively affected by an environmental issue or incident, you might need to hire a dedicated attorney. Our environmental lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL, want to hear from you. Morgan & Morgan is committed to protecting your health and the fragile and unique ecology of the Florida Keys. Tell us how you were harmed by an environmental issue today in a free consultation. You could be entitled to compensation.

What Do Environmental Lawyers Work On?

Environmental lawyers deal with numerous federal, state, and local environmental laws aiming to preserve our environment, health, and property from environmental hazards. Larger cases can involve shutting down industrial operations such as oil drilling or manufacturing to protect land and residents.

Federal and state environmental laws are primarily concerned with safeguarding soil, air, and water from misuse and pollution. Since the applicable laws are complex and can also differ from state to state, working with a local environmental lawyer can be essential if you were harmed. Our environmental attorneys understand local issues involving conservation, social responsibility, and the wider economy. 

Federal Environmental Laws

Environmental laws are generally designed to protect humans, animals, land, air, or water. The most important federal laws include:

The Clean Air Act

The Clean Air Act of 1970 is a comprehensive federal law regulating air emissions from industry and other sources. The act seeks to protect the public from hazardous air pollution. 

The Endangered Species Act

The Endangered Species Act of 1973 seeks to protect animals and plants at risk of extinction. For example, there are strict fishing regulations in the Florida Keys, determining the size, species, and number of ocean creatures that can be legally harvested. 

The Clean Water Act

The Clean Water Act of 1972 was enacted to protect, restore, and maintain clean waters. It also seeks to regulate untreated wastewater discharges into waterways, whether from industry, businesses, or local municipalities.

In Florida, the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) enforces state environmental laws and is responsible for managing, protecting, and conserving Florida's natural resources. 

Cases Environmental Lawyers Handle

In the scope of their career, environmental lawyers may work on a wide range of environmental legal matters, including but not limited to: 

  • Water, air, and soil quality
  • Pollution
  • Hazardous waste disposal
  • Agriculture and farming issues 
  • Animal rights
  • Ocean and reef protection
  • Public land and sea use
  • Protecting wetlands and nature reserves
  • Use of resources such as oil, gas, and others

Environmental lawyers can deal with anything from local problems and neighborhood disputes to global environmental issues affecting countries. 

Litigating environmental cases can be complex, lengthy, and expensive. Harmed individuals and communities generally need to hire a seasoned environmental attorney to fight for damages such as medical costs, income loss, property damage, or financial losses from the death of a loved one. 

With a large and well-known firm such as Morgan & Morgan by your side, you can rest assured that our environmental attorneys will fight tooth and nail for your rights. We are not afraid to take on even the biggest and most powerful polluters. 

When Should You Contact an Environmental Lawyer in Big Pine Key, FL?

If you notice a large organization's actions are affecting your environment, you should speak to an environmental attorney promptly. The Florida Keys are a pristine and beautiful environment heavily reliant on the tourist industry. Any major pollution event could destroy residents’ health and property values and impact their ability to make a living. Reasons to contact an environmental lawyer can include:

  • A company emitting unsafe emissions or contaminants 
  • Individuals or companies dumping toxic substances into canals and waterways
  • Harmful substances being released into the air, water, or ground
  • Improper disposal of hazardous waste
  • Lower-income communities are unfairly burdened with waste and toxic substances

If you or your community suffered pollution, adverse health effects, or property damage, you should speak to an attorney at Morgan & Morgan as soon as possible. Acting quickly can be critical as crucial evidence of the unlawful act could get destroyed or disappear. 

Morgan & Morgan Is on Your Side

When it comes to environmental pollution, large corporations are often the culprits, as the manufacturing of products can produce large amounts of emissions and toxic chemicals. Such substances often end up in our water, air, or ground and may pollute our environment for years, decades, or even forever. However, local and state governments can also be guilty of causing pollution or turning a blind eye when communities are negatively impacted. 

If you or your community is suffering the ill effects of pollution, Morgan & Morgan has your back. We fight for the people and against the powerful polluters, whether corporations, individuals, or government agencies. 

Benton Harbor Lead Pollution

Currently, we are representing Benton Harbor residents who have suffered from lead-contaminated drinking water for years, similar to the widely-reported Flint water issue. The aging infrastructure in the Benton Harbor area, and the lack of corrective action by government officials, caused dangerously high lead levels in the area’s drinking water. 
Residents can no longer use their tap water for drinking, cooking, and bathing. 

Plaintiffs bringing the suit allege that local and state government officials failed to warn them of the lead-contaminated tap water for three years, showing a lack of concern for residents’ physical and emotional health. Since the Benton Harbor area is a low-income community, there are allegations that this is another instance of disadvantaged communities bearing the brunt of environmental pollution.

How Morgan & Morgan Can Help

We have the resources and expertise to fight large corporations and government entities and pursue justice for you or your community. Cases our tenacious environmental lawyers have worked on include:

  • Lead poisoning
  • PFAS
  • Soil, water, and air pollution
  • Fracking
  • Toxic substances and emissions
  • Property damage from environmental toxins
  • Personal injury claims due to toxic substances and pollution 

Our environmental lawyers, investigators, and legal team members can thoroughly investigate the facts of your claim and move forward with litigation if appropriate. 

Contact Us Today for Help and Advice 

Everyone has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment. If you developed adverse health effects due to living in a toxic environment, you could have a legal claim and potentially pursue compensation. Our environmental lawyers can advocate for you and your community and could help you recover the compensation you need to move on with your life. Contact us now for a free case review. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Who Can Bring an Environmental Lawsuit in Big Pine Key?

    There is no special requirement for plaintiffs seeking to file an environmental lawsuit in the Florida Keys. Anyone can file a case, including if they suffered a personal injury or property damage due to another’s violation of environmental laws. Individuals could also file lawsuits against corporations or organizations guilty of violating environmental laws and regulations in the Florida Keys. 

  • Do I Have a Case Against Someone Dumping Trash and Chemicals in a Big Pine Key Canal?

    If the person violated environmental regulations by dumping objects and chemicals into a waterway, you could potentially sue them. However, you would have to offer proof of the act and details of dumped items and toxic substances. Consider seeking the advice of a qualified and experienced environmental lawyer in Big Pine Key, FL, to determine if and how to proceed with a claim. 

  • Could I Take a Local Business to Account for Polluting My Property?

    You could hold a polluting local corporation accountable for their illegal acts. For example, if your property was impacted by chemical substances in the water, air, or soil, and your suffered property damage or injuries as a result, you could have a case. You may qualify for compensation for your medical bills, property damage, and other losses. 

  • How Can an Environmental Lawyer Help?

    In the first instance, an environmental lawyer can advise you thoroughly on your legal rights and the local and federal laws that pertain to your case. Beyond that, an environmental lawyer can file your lawsuit and represent you in court hearings, mediation, and settlement negotiations. Other ways in which an attorney could help include: 

    • Investigate and analyze your environmental incident or issue
    • Collect evidence required for proving your case
    • Work with environmental investigators and expert witnesses to build your case against the defendant
    • Negotiate a settlement in your environmental claim
    • Represent you in court proceedings
    • Preparing legal paperwork and submissions
  • Which Damages Could I Recover in an Environmental Lawsuit?

    Environmental claims can vary widely and affect individuals as well as entire communities. Therefore, what you could be entitled to will depend on your individual case. However, harmed individuals could receive:

    • Property damage due to an environmental incident
    • Health care costs
    • Medical monitoring costs if you are at risk of developing a disease
    • Lost wages
    • Pain and suffering
    • Wrongful death
    • Punitive damages

    Victims of environmental pollution should consult with an environmental lawyer as soon as possible to determine the scope of their damages and their legal options for recovery. Since you may have to stand up against a local government or corporation, working with a determined environmental attorney can give you the best chance of achieving a favorable outcome. 

  • How Much Does an Environmental Lawyer Cost?

    The attorney’s fee you may have to pay can depend on the nature and complexity of your case. However, many environmental lawyers charge an hourly rate which could leave you with a hefty bill whether you win or lose the case. Moreover, environmental lawyers working with a no-win-no-fee agreement may charge you upfront legal expenses, such as court filing costs and others. Not Morgan & Morgan. When you work with us, you pay nothing unless we win and you receive compensation. 

  • My Exposure to a Toxic Substance Occurred Years ago; Could I Still Sue?

    Generally, you have to bring a lawsuit within a specific time period, determined by the statutes of limitations in Florida. However, if you were harmed by a pollutant, you may not discover your injury until years or decades after the toxic exposure occurred. Florida follows the "discovery rule," meaning the time available for filing suit only begins to run down when you discover your injury or should have discovered your injury. 

    Therefore, if you only found out about your injury decades after the incident occurred, you could still be entitled to legal recourse and compensation. However, since such cases can be more complex, consider seeking legal advice to protect your rights. 

  • Our Environmental Lawyers Can Fight for You  

    When people and communities become ill or are otherwise affected by environmental issues, Morgan & Morgan can step in. We do not shy away from standing up to the biggest polluters, fighting them all the way to trial. Our attorneys are committed to helping you and your family enjoy the life quality you deserve and want to protect our environment from big polluters. Get in touch if you or anyone you know was harmed by an organization's environmental negligence or recklessness. 

    Our environmental lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL, are here to hold unscrupulous corporations or municipal governments to account for their actions and fight for the compensation you deserve. We have recovered more than $20 billion in damages for injured clients and can fight hard for you too. Contact us now for a free consultation to determine whether you have a case.

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