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What Is the Claims Process Against Uber?

What Is the Claims Process Against Uber?

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What Is the Claims Process Against Uber?

Filing an insurance claim for an auto accident can be a frustrating process. From filing the claim on time to submitting compelling evidence, the insurance claim process can make the most patient policyholders pull out their hair.

Now, we have rideshare companies that often turn the insurance claim process into a nightmare.

An accident with an Uber driver or riding with an Uber driver that gets into an accident might involve a complicated series of steps for a Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim, a claim filed against the Uber driver’s personal policy, and a claim filed against Uber’s insurance policy.

One of the most difficult elements of claims against Uber is the company’s insurance company fights hard to deny claims.

Because of the complex filing process and Uber’s insurance company’s stance on approving claims, you should hire an experienced personal injury attorney who understands the details about how to file claims against Uber. At Morgan & Morgan, our personal injury lawyers have won many claims against Uber for our clients.

Filing an insurance claim against Uber requires you to hire the most qualified personal injury litigators in the United States

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Claims Process Against Uber FAQs

  • What Is an Uber Insurance Claim?

    Riding with an Uber driver has become second nature across the United States, especially in the largest cities. Uber can help you save money on parking, as well as the costs involved with renting a motor vehicle. However, Uber rides can turn ugly when the driver of the car gets involved in an accident. Now that Uber has grown its business by delivering food and beverages, the number of auto accidents the company has to deal with has increased significantly.

    Insurance claims against Uber differ from a claim that you file against another driver. You have to file a PIP claim, as well as a claim against the driver of the vehicle and/or Uber’s insurance company. If you were a passenger in an Uber car and the driver caused the accident, what are your rights as a passenger to file a claim against Uber? You can also get hit by an Uber driver who made a glaring mistake while operating the vehicle.

    A growing number of states have passed laws regulating the insurance companies that serve Uber. However, this does not mean that the process for insurance claims against Uber has gotten easier. Because of the complexity of an Uber insurance claim, the first item on your to-do list after an accident is to contact a state-licensed personal injury attorney.

  • What Are the Most Common Types of Uber Accidents?

    The growing popularity of rideshare companies such as Uber has translated into a rise in auto accidents involving Uber drivers. Filing claims against Uber requires following several steps, with one of the steps knowing what type of accident you experienced.


    As one of the most dangerous types of Uber accidents, a T-Bone frequently happens because an Uber driver made an illegal U-turn to pick up a passenger. The Uber driver might not have looked in the rearview mirror or signaled that the driver was about to make a turn. T-Bone accidents can cause serious injuries that can become life-threatening.


    Uber drivers constantly check their phones and any other type of monitoring device to determine where the next fare waits. Because of this type of distraction, an Uber driver might suddenly stop in the middle of the road to check a Smartphone for directions. Rear-ending a vehicle can cause a considerable amount of damage to the front of your car. Getting rear-ended is a recipe for a trip to the emergency room.

    Side Swipe

    One of the most common claims against Uber involves a sideswipe accident. Either an Uber driver hit you on the side of your car while you were parked or the driver sideswiped you while both vehicles were moving. Distraction is once again a culprit for causing a sideswipe accident. Uber drivers often scan sidewalks to look for the passengers they are supposed to pick up.

  • What Are the Most Common Causes of Uber Accidents?

    The most common causes of Uber accidents that lead to the filing of an insurance claim are similar to the most common causes of other types of motor vehicle crashes.


    We already discussed how a Smartphone or the Uber communication system can distract a driver. Another source of distraction for an Uber driver sits in the back seat. Stories of unruly passengers have become lead stories on Internet news sites. Filing an insurance claim against Uber because passengers caused an accident can be tricky. Is the driver or Uber at fault, and what about the legal liability of the passengers.


    Uber drivers operate the same way that cab drivers operate: Pick up as many passengers as quickly as possible. Speeding from fare to fare can lead to an accident that totals your vehicle and leaves you stuck with thousands of dollars in medical bills. Speeding has become an especially big problem for Uber Eats drivers that want to deliver food and beverages as fast as they can.

    Inexperienced Driver

    Drivers do not need a special license to get behind the wheel of an Uber vehicle. This means the Uber driver you sit next to at a red light might not have much experience operating an automobile. Inexperienced Uber drivers are capable of committing one or more of the following traffic violations that can cause motor vehicle accidents.

    • Lane violation
    • Failure to yield
    • Running a red light
    • Driving the wrong way
    • Parking illegally
    • Making sudden stops while in traffic
  • What Are the Losses from an Uber Accident?

    One of the most important factors for filing claims against Uber is understanding the types of compensation.

    Medical Expenses

    Motor vehicle accident injuries range from mild cuts and bruises to severe brain trauma. Suffering serious injuries after an Uber accident can set you back thousands of dollars. Since Uber’s insurance company denies many claims against Uber, you cannot afford to fight the insurance company on your own. The types of healthcare bills that you can rack up include the cost of hospitalization, treatments, diagnostic tests, and rehabilitation services.

    Lost Wages

    Getting involved in an accident with an Uber driver can produce the classic Catch-22. You have to pay for medical expenses, but you do not have any money coming in because the injuries have sidelined you from work. The symptoms of injuries such as whiplash and a concussion can take weeks to disappear. If the accident prevents you from working your current job, you have to shell out money for a job search that Uber’s insurance company should cover.

    Property Damage

    Damage to your vehicle can run into thousands of dollars as well. This is particularly true if you were involved in a T-Bone or rear-end accident. Paying for property damage is the one area of claims against Uber the company’s insurer often tries to deny.

    Pain and Suffering

    Recovering from any type of auto accident can include dealing with emotional distress. Getting involved in an accident with an Uber driver might trigger acute anxiety and/or wild mood swings. Although it is difficult to associate a dollar amount with pain and suffering, an experienced personal injury lawyer can get it done for you.

  • What Is Florida Law Regarding Uber’s Insurance Responsibilities?

    Every driver in Florida is required to purchase a minimum no-fault PIP policy of $10,000, a property damage liability policy worth $10,000, and insurance coverage to cover the damage done by an uninsured or underinsured driver. In 2017. Governor Rick Scott signed a law that mandates minimum rideshare auto insurance requirements to do a better job of protecting passengers.

    • Death liability or bodily injury coverage of $50,000 for each injured passenger
    • Death liability or bodily injury coverage of $100,000 per accident
    • Property damage coverage of $25,000 per accident

    Either Uber or Uber drivers can provide the auto insurance required by state law.

  • How Do I File an Injury Report with Uber?

    If you were involved in a car accident with an Uber driver, you should understand what the claims process is against the company. Our team of Uber auto crash lawyers has compiled an impressive record of winning claims for our clients. Because Uber’s insurance company frequently lowballs insurance claims, it is important for you to have the most accomplished personal injury attorneys by your side.

    Filing insurance claims against Uber starts by knowing how to react after an accident.

    Seek Medical Attention

    Your health is your priority after an Uber crash. Serious injuries require immediate attention at the closest emergency room. If you feel healthy enough to remain at the scene of the accident, you should still contact your physician to schedule an examination. Some injuries like a concussion or bruised internal organs do not develop symptoms right away.

    Call Law Enforcement

    Calling law enforcement does a couple of things. First, police officers can take control of the accident scene by diverting traffic. Second, the official police report is your most influential piece of evidence. A police report should include a detailed description of what caused the Uber accident, as well as statements made by witnesses.

    Exchange Contact Information

    You need to exchange contact information with the Uber driver. Not only do you want the driver’s personal information, but you also want the contact information for Uber’s insurance company. Every Uber driver should have contact information for Uber’s insurance company on them while they are working.

    Although law enforcement is responsible for taking photos of the accident scene and speaking with witnesses, you can support law enforcement’s version of events by taking photos and talking to witnesses as well.

    Filing the Claim

    After you have taken care of the steps listed above, the time has come to file the claim. Call Uber’s emergency hotline at 800-354-8237 or send an email to Uber also offers an app that allows you to initiate the claim filing process. Access the help section of the app to get started.

    Contact an Uber Accident Attorney

    Contact a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible after an Uber accident. An experienced Uber accident attorney can help you organize the evidence you need to get your claim approved by Uber’s insurance company. A lawyer also acts as your intermediary when dealing with both Uber and its insurer. Uber’s insurance company might try to steamroll you into a settlement, but most likely not your attorney.

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