Wage and Hour Trends

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Our department as a whole has seen certain trends develop during these hard economic times- In recognition of these trends, we currently are pursuing numerous labor and employment claims for, among others, the following issues:

  • Home building- We are representing numerous Construction Managers, Customer Service Representatives, Superintendents, etc. who were paid a salary, but only supervised subcontractors, not employees. We have taken the position that these individuals are entitled to overtime.
  • Drivers- If you drive a vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Rating of Less Than 10,001 pounds, and your employer does not pay you overtime, a recent change in the law may entitle you to overtime, even if you are an over the road driver.
  • Cement Truck Drivers- We currently are representing ready mix drivers against Cement companies who did not pay employees time and one half overtime for overtime hours worked.
  • Call Center Employees- Many employers are requiring employees to report to work early to turn on computers, attend meetings, and perform actual work, but are not compensating employees for this time.
  • Lunch Deduction Claims- Many employers are deducting 30 minutes or more for lunch but require employees to sit and their desk or perform work duties during lunch.

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