May 23, 2024

Understanding Unusual Legal Cases

Understanding Unusual Legal Cases - lawyer shaking client's hand

Everyone’s human. Accidents happen, and good people can make mistakes that land them in the court system. But, whether the at-fault party meant to cause someone harm or not, accidents have consequences, and victims have a right to file a claim against someone that left them wrongfully damaged.

The variety of personal injury situations means unusual and seemingly unbelievable cases sometimes make their way to the courtroom. Some are baseless claims that don’t get far, while others actually happened. While amusing, they remind us that, although we might believe someone is acting rationally, they can suddenly surprise us if we’re not vigilant. Each person’s story involves someone who believed they were injured, so continue reading with care, but also take notes to add to your “Reasons to be Cautious” list.


Misleading Advertisements

The line between creative marketing and misleading advertising can sometimes blur. However, some people try to push this line and abuse the law for monetary gain.

One instance involves a man who sued a beverage company for "emotional and physical damages" after a commercial failed to instantly transfer him to the dream life pictured on his television. The case was thrown out, of course, but it demonstrates how businesses should carefully critique their marketing efforts (and have a strong legal team standing by).


Dangerous Service

Speaking of businesses, we put our trust in them to provide us with safe, quality products that work for their intended purpose. When they don’t, they recklessly expose their customers to injury, and victims can file a claim against them seeking damages.

For example, a woman visiting her local hair salon returned home and discovered her hair falling out in bunches. She sued the salon, alleging that the hair products used during her appointment caused the damage, and was awarded $6,000 in damages.


Faulty Restrooms

We visit hotels, resorts, and other entertainment venues with positive minds and great intentions, but our plans don’t always go as we hope. Property owners can expose guests to unsafe conditions that leave them injured, like the case of a woman in a popular casino resort.

While using the restroom, the toilet in her unit collapsed, leaving her injured. She sued the resort and won $1.2 million in damages. Stories like this and those involving unsafe water pressure causing pipes to explode should remind property owners to perform routine maintenance checks.


Emotional Television

Media is meant to excite us, but some entertainment can be too much for some to handle. Graphic content can elicit emotional responses and isn’t suitable for many audiences, so those who view it should take caution before pressing play.

One man sued the television network NBC after the show “Fear Factor” caused him to suffer a spike in blood pressure and fall in his home. The case didn’t go far, but the person’s injury was serious nonetheless.


Lost Personal Property

No one wants to discover the personal property they trusted with a business was lost, mishandled, or damaged in any way. However, not all businesses are legally responsible for our property, especially if you’re trying to sue them for an unreasonable amount.

One story involves a man who sued his dry cleaner for more than $60 million dollars for misplacing a pair of pants he dropped off for alterations. A ridiculous example, sure, but it’s an example of why you should read the fine legal print when you hand over anything important to you.


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