Toyota Expands Tundra Pickup Recall

Toyota announced that it has expanded its 2009 recall of Tundra pickup trucks to repair frames that could rust and cause spare tires to fall off the vehicle. A spokesman for Toyota announced that the recall will now affect 2000-2003 Tundra pickups in all 50 states. This would broaden a November recall which affected 110,000 trucks in Washington and 20 “cold weather” states. 

Last October, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) launched an investigation into rust problems on Tundra frames after receiving 20 reports of “severe frame corrosion.” Five consumers complained that the vehicle’s brake lines broke due to rust, while 15 Tundra owners reported that the spare tire had separated from the frame. The NHTSA urged consumers to remove the spare tire, fearing it could fall into the road creating a hazard to other motorists.  

When the first recall was issued, Toyota ordered dealers to inspect the frame’s rear cross-member. If the frame could no longer support the tire, the assembly would be replaced. 

Toyota originally recalled Tundra pickups in “cold weather” states because salt and chemicals used to treat icy roads could cause additional corrosion in the trucks. The “cold weather” states affected by the original recall included Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Vermont and Wisconsin, among others.