Feb 20, 2024

Toddler Follow-Up Formulas Lawsuit for False Advertising

Toddler Follow-Up Formulas Lawsuit for False Advertising - baby formula

Parents are demanding answers after formula manufacturers are continuing to “milk” their products by marketing “toddler formulas” to older children who no longer require specialized formulas in lieu of a regular, healthy diet.

Morgan & Morgan’s industry-leading consumer protection attorneys are investigating products marketed and sold to consumers as “toddler formulas” for potential false advertising claims.

On October 20, 2023, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) published a new clinical report, "Older Infant-Young Child 'Formulas,'" that reviewed the growing array of drinks aimed at children ages 6–36 months and confirmed that they lack standardization or regulatory oversight. The report further found that these products, advertised as “follow-up formulas,” “weaning formulas,” or “toddler milks and formulas,” are misleadingly promoted as a necessary part of a healthy child's diet or in some way equivalent to infant formula.

However, the AAP cautions that these drinks should not replace a balanced diet and are inferior to standard infant formula in children less than 12 months of age and offer no benefit over much less expensive cow’s milk in most children older than age 12 months. These unregulated drinks allow well-known infant formula brands to print ads with their familiar logos and packaging, while simultaneously selling an additional product on the back of the public’s trust in regulated infant formulas.

Some of these follow-on formulas have also been criticized for having high levels of sodium, added sweeteners and sugars compared to cow's milk, which can influence children's taste preferences later on in life.

These follow-up formulas include:

  • Enfagrow Premium
  • Enfagrow Premium Gentlease
  • Go & Grow by Similac
  • Go & Grow 360 Total Care by Similac
  • Pure Bliss Toddler Drink by Similac
  • Serenity Kids Whole Milk Toddler Formula
  • Baby’s Only Toddler Formula
  • Baby’s Only Organic Sensitive Toddler Formula
  • Neocate Jr. Powdered Formula
  • Geber Good Start GentlePro Toddler (Stage 3)
  • Toddler Next Stage by Up & Up

If you have purchased one of the products mentioned above or another product marketed as a “toddler formula” or “toddler drink,” contact Morgan & Morgan today for a free, no-obligation case evaluation to learn more about your legal options.