Mar 22, 2024

Texas Worker Buried Alive in Trench Collapse

Iron Pipe crane in background

One construction worker died and two others were injured in a trench collapse at a construction site in Gregory, Texas, KSAT reported. The collapse happened around noon on Dec. 3. Laborers were using a backhoe to dig the trench when the accident occurred. The 36-year-old construction worker who died was buried alive in the collapse. A second man was partially buried and wounded. A third worker was injured after jumping into the trench to rescue the trapped workers. The man who was completely buried went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at Northshore Emergency Center in Portland, near Corpus Christi.

According to KRIS, Gregory Police Chief Tony Cano identified the deceased victim as Reynaldo Alaniz Rosalez. He was working for Kocurek Land Improvement Inc. on the 4700 block of FM 2986 near the Glades of Gregory apartment complex. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation, which may take up to six months to complete, said Juan J. Rodriguez, a U.S. Department of Labor spokesman.

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