Mar 12, 2024

Support for Construction Accident Victims’ Families

Construction Family

Construction injuries are among the most devastating workplace mishaps. Often involving large building materials, mammoth vehicles, and high-powered equipment, construction accidents can cause grave harm that can cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical costs. A construction injury can devastate whole families, sapping a source of income and draining financial resources. The sad fact is that most construction accidents are preventable and the result of someone else’s negligence. Medical bills, lost wages, physical therapy, and property damage are among the immense expenses construction accident victims face. Profit-seeking contractors and insurance companies often make it very difficult to receive the compensation you deserve, so having a good lawyer fighting for you is important.

Types of Construction Injuries

Construction accidents can be extremely violent and are the most prevalent form of workplace injury. Falls are the most common cause of lethal injury in construction, accounting for almost 40% of all fatal construction injuries. Getting struck by an object frequently occurs, given the multiple moving materials and equipment at a job location. Electrocution is a common cause of death on a building site due to the rudimentary wiring and preponderance of cutting tools. With large building materials and high-powered equipment everywhere, being caught between objects is also a regular occurrence on job sites.

How a Construction Injury Attorney Can Help

A construction accident can be devastating for a family. Insurance companies will often deny claims outright or offer lowball settlements to avoid going to trial. Don’t fall for it. An experienced workplace injury attorney can get you the compensation you deserve. Not only may you be eligible for compensation for medical bills and lost wages but also pain and suffering. There may be a limited time to file your claim, so getting a personal injury attorney on your side early is important. Studies have shown that plaintiffs receive three times as much on average with legal counsel as those who go it alone. A lawyer will know all the ways your employer is liable for damages to you and your family. You owe it not only to yourself but to your loved ones to have a lawyer on your side fighting for you.

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