Senate Votes to Remove Red Light Cameras


Residents of St. Petersburg can breathe a little easier as Florida votes to remove red light cameras at traffic signals around the city. After a comprehensive review on the effectiveness of the cameras, the Senate Transportation Committee voted to repeal the traffic light law, which stated that officials could issue tickets to drivers based on information provided by the cameras.

The decision was based on the discovery that the cameras didn’t decrease the rate of car accidents due to rash driving. In fact, accident rates were higher at intersections with the cameras installed. The Federal Highway Administration conducted a study that proved red light cameras led to a 15% increase in rear-end collisions. Moreover, the money acquired from the tickets was used on general budget needs, rather than safety training and programs for Florida residents.

Many residents were against the installation of the traffic lights in the first place, as, according to them, they never tell the whole story when a person is caught with a traffic violation. An officer, on the other hand, can understand the factors that caused the crash and make an accurate judgment on whether to issue a ticket or not. Senate members also agreed on the faults of red light camera usage and the bill was passed with a 4-3 vote. The bill needs to be approved by two more committees before it can be enforced.

While the law looks likely to side with Florida residents, drivers should be aware that the repeal may lead to overconfidence at traffic lights and a relaxed or even reckless attitude behind the wheel.

Accidents can kill innocent people and ruin the lives of their families forever. Always be aware of your surroundings while driving in dangerous situations, such as during a hurricane or at night. Make sure to never drink and drive. Most personal injury lawsuits take the liable party’s physical and mental state into account to prove that he or she was negligent. If you are drunk during the time of an accident, it will work against your case in court.

If you are the victim of a car accident, and you suspect that it wasn’t your fault, you may be eligible for compensation. The first thing to ensure is that you do not suffer any short-term or chronic injuries. Visit a medical professional to get evaluated immediately.

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