Mar 7, 2024

New Year Gets Off to a Great Start As Minimum Wage Increase Hits 19 States

minimum wage increase

The New Year is already bringing much joy to many Americans, as a minimum wage increase will take effect throughout the country. 19 states are raising the minimum wage in an effort to lift the income of millions of workers, according to ABC News. With these increases, many Americans may be wondering where it will occur and if they will see a jump in their own pay.

This year’s increases are expected to affect about 4.4 million low-wage workers across the country, according to ABC News. Wages will be increased by different amounts in different states, and sometimes by different amounts within those states.

This wage bump has many Americans cheering and jumping for joy. However, for those who are unsure if they will see an increase in their own pay, here is what you should know.

States That Saw A Minimum Wage Increase

The following states saw a minimum wage increase that took effect on Jan. 1:

  • Alaska: $9.75 to $9.80
  • Arizona: $8.05 to $10
  • Arkansas: $8 to $8.50
  • California: $10 to $10.50
  • Colorado: $8.31 to $9.30
  • Connecticut: $9.60 to $10.10
  • Florida: $8.05 to $8.10
  • Hawaii: $8.50 to $9.25
  • Maine: $7.50 to $9.00
  • Massachusetts: $10 to $11
  • Michigan: $8.50 to $8.90
  • Missouri: $7.65 to $7.70
  • Montana: $8.05 to $8.15
  • New Jersey: $8.38 to $8.44
  • New York: $9 to $9.70
  • Ohio: $8.10 to $8.15
  • South Dakota: $8.55 to $8.65
  • Vermont: $9.60 to $10
  • Washington: $9.47 to $11

There are several states that will see a minimum wage increase later on this year, including Oregon, Washington, D.C. and Maryland, according to ABC News. It is important that you check with your state department of labor for rates and wages specific to your location.

Why Is My State Not Listed?

When it comes to minimum wage, there are still a large number of holdouts among the states, according to USA Today. Five states have no minimum wage laws at all, such as Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee. These states rely on the federal minimum wage to dictate how much they must pay their workers.

In another 15 states, minimum wage laws are less than the current federal minimum wage of $7.25 or match it exactly, according to USA Today. In those areas, federal legislation may have to be the deciding factor to increase wages for minimum wage workers.

What If I Am Paid Less Than the Minimum Wage in My State?

With the minimum wage increase in effect for many states, workers may look forward to that boost to their checks. However, there may be cases where your employer may choose not to pay you the newly increased mandatory minimum wage for all hours worked.

If you were paid less than the minimum wage, we can help. Our wage and hour attorneys may be able to help you file a lawsuit to recover compensation for your unpaid wages. If you are ready to pursue a claim, please fill out our free, no-risk case evaluation form today.