May 9, 2024

Nashville Bombing: Business Interruption and Property Damage

Nashville Skyline

Nashville had already suffered an intense 2020, even as December drew to a close. The city had endured deadly tornadoes in March and was still grappling with the devastating effects of Covid-19 on their normally robust tourist economy. But few could have anticipated what was to come on Christmas morning: a massive explosion that tore through a downtown neighborhood, leaving widespread destruction and fear in its wake.

As with many catastrophes of this type, the actual explosion was only the beginning. Scores of businesses and their employees have paid a hefty price since the event. Restaurants and bars that were already barely getting by suddenly had to close. Boutiques lost merchandise, shops lost their spaces, and infrastructure in the neighborhood was badly damaged.

After the dust settles, the first step for many of the victims of the explosion was to survey their damages and file insurance claims. Unfortunately, many rightful claims go unpaid in cases like these. Insurance companies often try to underpay or wrongfully deny claims, using loopholes to cut their losses and keep claimants from receiving the compensation they deserve.

If your business or property was damaged in the Nashville Christmas bombing, we may be able to help. Our team can carefully examine your losses and insurance policies. We will then put pressure on your insurer to pay the claims they owe you—even if it means taking them to court. 

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Property Damage in the Explosion’s Aftermath

The explosion in Nashville caused a massive amount of damage in a split second. It blew out windows, ignited fires, destroyed shop merchandise, and caused sprinklers to flood buildings. The blast also took out electricity, downed cell phone service, and caused one building to collapse entirely. 

The damage was felt most palpably by chains and local businesses in the downtown tourist district, affecting a slew of restaurants, shops, and galleries already reeling from the effects of Covid-19. And in the days following the blast, the extent of the impact on local businesses and their employees became more apparent. 

More than 45 businesses and 1,200 employees were impacted, with consequences ranging from moderate property damage to near-total losses. And while the road to recovery could be slow in even the best of circumstances, some victims may encounter roadblocks as they file and attempt to recover claims from their insurance companies.

Potential Coverage: Property and Business Interruption Insurance

Insurance coverage can vary widely in these types of incidents, but two applicable types of coverage are property insurance and business interruption insurance. If you were affected, you should carefully review your insurance policies as soon as possible to see if you have chosen either (or both) of these coverages. You could be entitled to claims for damaged or destroyed property, as well as the interruption of your business caused by the explosion.

Unfortunately, some insurance companies may still try to hold up the claims process. They could try a number of strategies, such as claiming the blast was the result of terrorism and, therefore, is not covered—even though, at the time of writing, the FBI has not designated this attack as terrorism

Business and property insurance policies can be very complex, making it easier for insurance companies to deny claims. If you have a claim that you suspect is being low-balled or wrongfully denied, one of our lawyers may be able to help you investigate your case and recover the compensation you deserve.

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Property and business continuation claims can be difficult to navigate, especially in the context of extraordinary events like the Nashville bombing. If you are having trouble with your insurance company, you don’t have to go it alone.

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