Feb 21, 2024

Morgan & Morgan’s Emily Jeffcott Named to JUUL Litigation Leadership Role

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In a positive development for our clients, Morgan & Morgan attorney Emily Jeffcott was recently appointed to a leadership position in the ongoing major litigation against JUUL Labs.

JUUL Labs, the largest e-cigarette (vape) manufacturer in the US, is facing lawsuits alleging that it intentionally downplayed the nicotine addiction risks JUUL users face, and that it intentionally marketed those products to children and teenagers. Nicotine is a dangerous chemical with proven negative health effects, and it’s likely to be even more harmful to children and teens. To make things worse, children and teens are much more likely to become addicted to nicotine than adults, even after very little exposure.

The JUUL litigation is happening in the form of a Multi-District Litigation (MDL); a consolidation of similar cases against one defendant that are grouped and handled together in order to make it easier to manage, and to enable the courts to handle them efficiently. The judge presiding over an MDL will commonly appoint a Plaintiffs Steering Committee made up of attorneys representing MDL clients, and empower them with making key decisions that can significantly impact the way the case proceeds.

attorney emily jeffcott

“I’m proud to be among the team selected to fight what has become an epidemic of youth vaping,” Ms. Jeffcott said. “The judge appointed a team of great lawyers, and I’m ready to get to work for our hundreds of Morgan & Morgan clients who have become addicted to nicotine because of JUUL, and vaping products like JUUL.”

Being named to an MDL leadership position is a great honor, and Ms. Jeffcott is well deserving. She has spent years fighting for the rights of everyday Americans in large and complex litigation battles, including fights against oil companies, nuclear waste treatment facilities, and Big Pharma. Ms. Jeffcott is currently also serving in leadership positions for the MDLs against the manufacturers of the chemotherapy drug Taxotere, the blood-pressure drug Valsartan, and the blood-thinner drug Xarelto.