Morgan & Morgan Gets a Makeover

Inc. magazine produces an annual issue on the world’s coolest offices. While we may lack an in-office speakeasy or hammocks in our break rooms, our designers researched and implemented some of the best design tricks to cultivate employee happiness and productivity in our new Tallahassee office. The build out of our brand spankin’ new digs in Tallahassee is an attempt to create an environment that is inviting to clients and comfortable for our hard working employees.

The design principles for modern offices dictate that they be filled with natural light, neutral colors, and maximize the spatial layout of the floorplan. Thanks to construction efforts by the OliverSperry Renovation team, our Tallahassee office has instituted several of these tactics to make work more pleasurable

Proper branding is extremely important when it comes to furthering the identity of a business. We’ve affixed the official Morgan & Morgan logo to the entrance of the office, and used a neutral walls tones contrasted by a brightly colored accent couch to garner the attention of incoming guests.

The waiting room has been eloquently designed using elements of symmetry to draw the eye towards the center of the room. Our expansive reception desk commands the focal point of the space, creating a barrier between the waiting area and the back office, which can be viewed in silhouette through frosted glass. Cylindrical fixtures emitting soft light calm the interior, and comfortable seating rounds out the overall aesthetic.

Our new boardroom is the perfect place for meetings and conferences for our attorneys. The corporate desk seats ten and allows for easy access to in-office, state-of-the-art video conferencing technology. Frosted window panes provide a semblance of privacy when dealing with sensitive matters.

The break room is the new watercooler. This room allows all employees to mix and mingle during the day and at lunch breaks, further fostering the familial atmosphere that we strive to maintain at Morgan & Morgan. Neutral tones are again used to offset chrome fixtures and kitchen appliances. Employees have full use of the room to partake in meals and to hold other office events.

Our new outdoor logo is easily seen from the main thoroughfares surrounding all sides of the firm. For years, we have innovated ways to further the identity of the Morgan & Morgan brand. One of our most consistent advertising arrangements, other than word-of-mouth testimonials from satisfied clients, has been the bold logo branding on the exterior of our offices.

We’d again like to thank OliverSperry Renovation for all of the planning and execution that went into the construction of our Tallahassee office. This sophisticated build is one of many updates that we’re making to Morgan & Morgan in order to create the law firm of the future. We look forward to having you take the ride with us!

If you’re interested in receiving a free consultation about any personal injury issues that you’re facing, contact us using this form. Will see you in our office in 2016.