Jan 1, 2024

Michael Goetz Assigned Lead Role in Transvaginal Mesh Litigation

Michael Goetz Assigned Lead Role in Transvaginal Mesh Litigation - Personal Injury Lawyer

Morgan & Morgan is proud to announce that attorney Michael Goetz has been appointed to the Plaintiffs' Steering Committee for litigation against companies that manufactured certain transvaginal mesh products. Judge Joseph R. Goodwin named distinguished attorneys from around the United States to serve on a committee to coordinate the prosecution of personal injury claims involving transvaginal mesh. The transvaginal mesh multidistrict litigation actions are against manufacturers Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon, Bard, and Boston Scientific, among others.

Transvaginal mesh has been used to treat a condition called pelvic organ prolapse (POP), where a patient’s inner pelvic organs, slide downward and forward to the point of prolapsing into the vagina. With this condition, the uterus, bladder, rectum, the top of the vagina (vaginal apex), and bowel have been known to painfully bulge into the vagina. Transvaginal mesh has reportedly caused extremely painful and serious side effects, and often does not even fix the original POP problem. Transvaginal mesh has been reported to cause stress urinary incontinence (SUI) due to pressure on the bladder, as well as general pain and discomfort, mesh erosion through the vagina, infection, urinating problems, organ perforation, bleeding, interference and pain with sexual intercourse, and mental distress.

Over the summer, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an update to inform patients that serious complications associated with surgical mesh for transvaginal repair of POP are not rare. They have further stated that it is not clear that transvaginal POP repair with mesh is more effective than traditional non-mesh repair and may expose patients to greater risk. The FDA recommends that other treatment options be considered by physicians before proceeding with these surgeries.

Many patients that were treated with transvaginal mesh have required multiple revision surgeries, hospitalization, and long-lasting injuries as a result of use of the product. The appointing of Morgan & Morgan attorney Michael Goetz illustrates that he and other attorneys at the firm are fully committed in their efforts to help these women recover compensation for their suffering. If you or a loved one has been injured by a transvaginal mesh procedure or placement, contact a dedicatedvaginal mesh attorney{: target="_blank"} for a free consultation to see if you may be eligible to seek compensation for your vaginal mesh problems.