Mar 15, 2024

Ten Killed, Dozens Unaccounted for in Building Collapse Near Miami Beach

collapsed building ruins

At least one person was killed when a 12-story high-rise condominium suddenly caved in early Thursday morning in Surfside, Florida. At least 10 others were injured and, as of the time of this writing, 51 of the building’s residents are unaccounted for.

A jarring video (below) obtained by a local radio anchor purportedly shows the moment the building collapsed.

“It looks like a bomb went off,” said Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett, describing the scene in the aftermath of the collapse.

Search and rescue efforts are underway, and are likely to continue for several days.

“It’s hard to imagine how this could happen,” said the Mayor. “Buildings don’t just fall down.” He added, “I think that this is a catastrophic failure of that building.”

Why Do Buildings Collapse?

At this time we can only speculate what caused the South Florida high-rise to give in, but sadly catastrophic events like these aren’t unheard of. These tragedies can occur for any number of reasons, from faulty construction to unaddressed decay. 

Buildings must be constructed to meet rigorous standards and factor in all possible threats to the structure and to the safety of its inhabitants. If corners were cut during the planning, construction, or maintenance of a building, the responsible parties must be held accountable.

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