Mar 20, 2024

Lowe's Data Breach Put Thousands of Employees at Risk for Identity Theft

Lowe's Data Breach Put Thousands of Employees at Risk for Identity Theft

Lowe’s is alerting 35,000 past and current delivery drivers and other employees about a data breach that may have compromised their Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers, names, addresses and dates of birth.

In light of this information, the attorneys at Morgan & Morgan would like to hear from Lowe’s employees who believe they may have been affected by the breach. We are currently investigating whether these workers may be able to file lawsuits against Lowe’s. For a complimentary case review, contact us today.

In a notification letter, Lowe’s said that its computer system E-DriverFile houses information on delivery drivers and system administrators, and the third-party vendor that runs the program mistakenly exposed information on thousands of employees.

“We recently learned that the vendor unintentionally backed up this data to an unsecured computer server that was accessible from the Internet,” according to the letter. “You are receiving this notice because we’ve determined that your Social Security number and/or driver’s license number was in E-DriverFile and thus potentially exposed.”

Shortly after discovering the problem, Lowe’s began working with security experts to block access to the unsecure server and to further investigate the breach. According to the company, employees’ personal information may have been accessed between July 2013 and April 2014, but the home-improvement retailer said that it has not found any evidence of employees’ information being misused.

Lowe’s encouraged its workers to order free credit reports and register for one year of free credit monitoring services through AllClear ID to help monitor any potential cases of fraud. More information on signing up for these services can be found in the company’s notice.

If you’ve worked as a company driver or E-DriverFile administrator at Lowe’s, you may have legal recourse following this data breach. Contact us today to learn more about your potential legal rights.