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John Morgan to Jaguars Owner: It's Tebow Time in Jacksonville

John Morgan to Jaguars Owner: It's Tebow Time in Jacksonville - NFL Football

John Morgan wants to see Tim Tebow in a Jacksonville Jaguars uniform next season... for the people.

Our own John Morgan took to Morgan & Morgan’s YouTube page{:target="_blank"} Tuesday night to vocalize his support for the former New York Jets backup quarterback, urging Jaguars owner Shahid Khan to bring the newly-minted free agent back to the state where his playing days began.

“Here’s the evidence: Tim Tebow played on two national championship teams, he won the Heisman as the best college player in the country, and was drafted in the first round by the Denver Broncos,” Morgan says. “Somebody knew something.”

Tebow, the centerpiece of two BCS national championship teams at the University of Florida—Morgan’s alma mater— has been in the headlines for almost his entire undergraduate and NFL career.  Despite his collegiate and professional achievements and resulting rise to superstardom on and off the gridiron, Tebow has faced intense scrutiny from both the media and potential suitors around the NFL for his shortcomings under center; however, John Morgan made it clear that Tebow is not only his guy, but the guy Jacksonville needs for the future.

“Let’s win, Mr. Kahn. Once upon a time, so-called experts probably doubted your potential, and now look at you,” Morgan says. “Give our guy a shot.”

It’s Morgan’s belief that Tebow’s belief system, values, and winning ways are just what the Jaguars need to revive the city’s football heartbeat.

“Tebow is one of us,” Morgan said. “He has class, character, and he’s a winner.”

The founder of Morgan & Morgan even threw in his own offer to Kahn to sweeten his pitch to bring the former University of Florida standout back home.

“I’ll even buy that box you tried to sell me,” Morgan said. “Let’s do this, Mr. Kahn, for the people. Let’s win.”

The Tebow-to-Jacksonville movement has gained enough momentum to reach Washington. Fans took to the White House’s official site armed with a petition to President Obama aiming to land the QB back in Florida. To the fans’ dismay, however, the petition has been removed for violating the site’s terms of service policy.